History log of /frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/include/SoftwareRenderer.h
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475da7ef08c05a482ced8d318832cf5aa1141aff 09-Aug-2014 Ronghua Wu <ronghuawu@google.com> stagefright: Fix race condition between MediaCodec and SoftwareRenderer

* Set the buffer's format info when it's returned from OMX component.
* Move frame format meta from SoftwareRenderer's ctor to the render call.
I.e. each frame sent to the renderer carries the format info.
* Reset renderer with the new format instead of re-creating
SoftwareRenderer when incoming frame's format is changed.

Bug: 13842676
Change-Id: Ibab46f109200bcbdeab13a4cc1bcd0870f2a99fb
908ea6603c64e29e40277a74c9fb0e776c097830 08-May-2014 Lajos Molnar <lajos@google.com> stagefright: set PTS for SoftwareRenderer

Change-Id: I08661a9eae09f919149aa5a58aa514d848de50a1
9eeafeb52fecf90882e9b44eeefcb7c3e16aa915 25-Feb-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> remove dependency on android_native{s_priv|buffer}.h

Change-Id: Ie4b95f7061c240f37c504414259f92d72c4ffc89
3571d50a2582bc9c63f09cd81b4f490ea3522bd9 24-Jun-2011 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Fix the new color converter to respect the destination crop rect.

Also fixes the SoftwareRenderer to request blitting the correct crop rectangles.

Change-Id: I38706cf9b42d96c6d5b35a9380f006ea4fbbf1ea
1173118eace0e9e347cb007f0da817cee87579ed 09-Feb-2011 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Bug 3438258 Add SurfaceTexture as MediaPlayer sink

This change enables the use of a SurfaceTexture in place of a Surface
as the video sink for an android.media.MediaPlayer. The new API
MediaPlayer.setTexture is currently hidden.

This includes:
- New Java and C++ interfaces
- C++ plumbing and implementation (JNI, Binder)
- Stagefright AwesomePlayer and NuPlayer use ANativeWindow
(either Surface or SurfaceTextureClient)

Change-Id: I2b568bee143d9eaf3dfc6cc4533c1bebbd5afc51
f5ab57c2d5e02af7483c94eddb177e4f5c9e9892 22-Nov-2010 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Squashed commit of the following:

commit 0870f7bdd10a7cd36087d723d1957d8e1b967ca7
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Mon Nov 22 12:57:04 2010 -0800

set_surface_crop doesn't seem to work right yet, stop using it in the SoftwareRenderer.

Change-Id: If0a24f78b7810a6cecaa82eb4f23d0f90c22cc42

commit 4767b52bee3a54ae117a8708d6832276a44e6a6a
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Mon Nov 22 11:14:57 2010 -0800

info->mMediaBuffer may still be NULL at this point...

Change-Id: I25a71569015b1bb87f1ea7efff7588958774426f

commit 0cef79874e1f1ddb10b7402177a87d3cffc7de92
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Mon Nov 22 10:55:12 2010 -0800

QCOM's YVU420 color format conversion has now been tested.

Change-Id: I7fef4b642a928af15d42f006f7cdc107d5ff1d67

commit 84fe05a6c969ede0ce8a85a530e110afca07c7a7
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Mon Nov 22 09:59:50 2010 -0800

Removed remaining traces of suspend/resume. Proper reporting of video dimensions based on cropping rectangle.

Change-Id: Ib238b80cbc1f19e7d312f2422eb5e9ab6b06b1bc

commit 50970cdc837c5c498bcf0cb61b436196ca9e2ef7
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Fri Nov 19 16:11:06 2010 -0800

Revamped Software Renderer respects the crop rectangle.

Removed obsolete ADRENO support code.

Change-Id: I984cbc8a99c4d97e09e7d1b1292099c88b9ae535

commit 8abbc6a5608bff650f968540f24a2eab75f254ed
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Fri Nov 19 16:10:41 2010 -0800

The metadata retriever now respects the crop rectangle while capturing a video frame.

Change-Id: Id3377176060086d16717f62c77ce26fabe899050

commit 2d42e4466609d304e88bd2cdd6eb7b297340cc21
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Fri Nov 19 16:09:50 2010 -0800

Changed ColorConverter APIs to be more general.

Clients can now refer to crop rectangles in both source and destination.

Change-Id: Ief151d736818396d0389ec04e7df5650e3ad7c04

commit 273184303d54a54febd3e9c3dd4df30507ea78b5
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Fri Nov 19 15:04:06 2010 -0800

The stagefright commandline tool now writes the extracted video frame to /sdcard/out.jpg

Change-Id: Ieb2ab3fda7a7cd9294beccb8db0eed75096eeef4

commit 2d43390328cadf4ba94c1c3c02e4fb30baa29690
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Fri Nov 19 14:36:55 2010 -0800

The AVC software decoder now properly advertises the cropping rectangle.

Change-Id: Idb7a8a7e2fde5740f0fc34b7e8c92eca2577104b

commit 9a7ed23c2fac8ce19dce7a34a603acee945a89f6
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Fri Nov 19 13:40:39 2010 -0800

OMXCodec now signals a format change if the cropping rectangle changes.

...and puts the cropping info into its output format.

Change-Id: I3ffbd8e877ba286fe06a82c536ef20d92548d2e2

commit efe0323947029df1c502599ccc288c8d676dfd31
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Fri Nov 19 11:29:39 2010 -0800

Stagefright's MetaData object now supports rectangle items.

Change-Id: I5667bb5ee6622c76104b99fb57f60abb802a8504

Change-Id: I27cb78f2c5e0353f95fdfc5cb53991949ed75b70
ba529e486dde15fe75ea1b48570f9d60a4cf3c48 17-Nov-2010 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Support post-decode video rotation.

Change-Id: I9ac90871269c5e132e98a9bf3ad8cae00f329f17
0a5ca668c6f7d45706e9aec4a1dfec0aacc6d233 16-Nov-2010 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Remove all traces of legacy renderer support in stagefright.

Change-Id: I17b8e0dbf53fca37c96830c41131b4bc0c24ca6d
5daeb129a2c2ba3d14ccd94af283b5f561c783ea 16-Aug-2010 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Squashed commit of the following:

commit 35cc68814a9537c31fde146e171e7b0bbdfe211e
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Mon Aug 16 08:48:42 2010 -0700

Only enable support for yuv to yuv conversion on passion, where it's available, use the slower yuv->rgb565 path everywhere else.

commit d8ac5a8814103e60d11d2acf61997fc31a1dc58d
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Fri Aug 13 13:56:44 2010 -0700

The software renderer takes over all rendering, converting from yuv to yuv if possible and rgb565 otherwise.

commit 684972074b74318bdcb826ed9b5b0864d2d2e273
Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com>
Date: Fri Aug 13 09:34:35 2010 -0700

A first shot at supporting the new rendering APIs.

Change-Id: Iea9b32856da46950501f1a700f616b5feac710fd
89e69da4d86348409994c9dafbbb2634ccd7c196 13-Oct-2009 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Separated private from public header files.