History log of /frameworks/base/core/res/res/drawable/btn_borderless_material.xml
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f023c2530a4591889dda614aaa016d5a9f9617ed 28-Aug-2014 Alan Viverette <alanv@google.com> Update action bar item widths, overflow menu, button, and spinner styles

Manually modifies the overflow button hotspot bounds so that the ripple
appears to be centered on the overflow icon. Adds styleable and parsing
for list popup window offsets. Updates spinner text appearance to be
consistent with drop down item text appearance. Also updates horizontal
inner padding in buttons.

BUG: 17305079
BUG: 17304391
BUG: 17302567
Change-Id: Iafddfef290078de968894a3b443ba9f60f84c6d4
88eab02a362141ae065f209bf88654bb28c49e1f 21-Aug-2014 Alan Viverette <alanv@google.com> Update form spinner and search field assets

Also cleans up insets in some other Material drawables.

BUG: 17162129
BUG: 16736289
Change-Id: I9b4d77230941522022908bc2939c4026459cf02a
349a9bd76064546e6c8ada0c9903499e42547fe4 02-Jul-2014 Alan Viverette <alanv@google.com> Use shape drawable for button asset, enable shadows

BUG: 15316437
Change-Id: I8c2ddce50fcf8082c8ba01350606d6f344e03306
a4eab42fe437bff3f8ee9dde264579067ea5cdbd 10-Jun-2014 Alan Viverette <alanv@google.com> Change ripple tint to color, remove tintMode

Also fixes double ripple on list preferences, missing ripple on up
button, and adds the Toolbar style to public. Further improves
ripple performance.

BUG: 15523923
BUG: 15473856
Change-Id: I5e8bf417368b60fcc33c80852e12f27b8c580774
3cb07a462be293634e6a83ea6c82f3647cd17dad 06-Jun-2014 Alan Viverette <alanv@google.com> DO NOT MERGE Material theme

BUG: 15467097
Change-Id: I15191362e104a902895418fc615892c21db64c35