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ad6ed950dbfa152c193dd7e49c369d9e831f1591 31-Jan-2014 Mårten Kongstad <marten.kongstad@sonymobile.com> Runtime resource overlay, iteration 2, test cases

Add automated test cases for runtime resource overlay, iteration 2.

The test cases are a mixture of 'adb shell' commands and regular
instrumentation tests. The device is rebooted between tests to setup
different overlay scenarios for framework-res.apk.

To verify Runtime resoure overlay, iteration 2, run
$ frameworks/base/core/tests/overlaytests/testrunner.py

For a list of supported options, run
$ frameworks/base/core/tests/overlaytests/testrunner.py --help

Change-Id: I692aa1a7ad073efd116b24f9ec7f197dfd65dfef
57f4b77c89bafedf9468f9a636561c0c193405c9 17-Mar-2011 Mårten Kongstad <marten.kongstad@sonyericsson.com> Runtime resource overlay, iteration 1.

Runtime resource overlay allows unmodified applications to appear
as if they had been compiled with additional resources defined. See
libs/utils/README for more information.

This commit is the first iteration of runtime resource overlay. It
provides the actual overlay modifications and loading of trusted overlay
packages (ie residing in /vendor) targeting framework-res.apk.

This commit loads exactly one overlay package. The overlay,
if present, must target framework-res.apk and be located at

Change-Id: If26ee7754813004a96c043dba37fbe99fa3919db