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0b5c30a16e48a8ac7ebe71af0240a1b0c7e43eac 21-May-2013 Ying Wang <wangying@google.com> Make com.android.location.provider visible to apps-only build.

Change-Id: Ic7983418d9577343817d5a80ebb0847804d2a1b2
63c82c027bb3bd2b803e3225c9135c77b1f92b7b 28-Sep-2010 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Add location shared library for location provider APIs.

First part, adding the existing classes in their new library. The old
code will be removed once everything gets switched to using this.

Change-Id: I27b6ad8c75c16f35300090e95f12a7db5608e3a3