History log of /frameworks/base/tools/aapt/pseudolocalize.cpp
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0a1eed394fa287523b105aa569ed6348f4986483 19-Apr-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Fix warning introduced by recent psuedolocalizer change.

Change-Id: I577caf6ca4261b3d044b18bc8c5915012168031d
a2ef5c0d4fb863c0382e77ae00f986a019b11cbe 12-Mar-2014 Anton Krumin <antkrumin@google.com> Pseudolocalizer improvements.

Fixes accented pseudolocalization and adds RTL pseudolocale.

This change contains following modifications in the pseudolocalization logic:
1) zz_ZZ pseudolocale was removed;
2) en_XA pseudolocale was added for pseudo-accented;
3) ar_XB pseudolocale was added for pseudo-rtl;
4) Pseudo RTL localization functionality was implemented;
5) Text expansion functionality was implemented;
6) Text bracketing was implemented;
7) Couple of issues of previous implementation were fixed.

Change-Id: I9f7f27bed717e39e82717d15c398decffc8bec3c
Signed-off-by: Anton Krumin <antkrumin@google.com>
fb903a45d7b924c1dfacadaa99ebdf93fd8a1de4 18-Mar-2013 Bjorn Bringert <bringert@android.com> Allow compiling aapt for the device


- The static device version of libandroidfw now includes
the extra functions needed by aapt. I could only find
a few host tools that use the static library, so this is
hopefully not a problem.

- The pseudolocalization code is moved into aapt.
It was previously in libhost, but only used by aapt.

Change-Id: Ib393ebb7dcebee8abbb628cbe5255ea1679674ac