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282e181b58cf72b6ca770dc7ca5f91f135444502 24-Jan-2014 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Revert "Move frameworks/base/tools/ to frameworks/tools/"

This reverts commit 9f6a119c8aa276432ece4fe2118bd8a3c9b1067e.
9f6a119c8aa276432ece4fe2118bd8a3c9b1067e 28-Aug-2013 Mike Lockwood <lockwood@google.com> Move frameworks/base/tools/ to frameworks/tools/

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18fff11e15dc1b4fe53cb37fa39637aa3fb9bc36 25-Aug-2011 Xavier Ducrohet <xav@android.com> Add new dependency generation option to aidl.

The SDK build system does not provide an output file
and instead uses the -o<FOLDER> option and lets aidl figure
out the intermediary folders that represents the packages,
and the filename based on the input file (and its package).

Because of this the -d<FILE> option to generate a dependency
file is not convenient.

Instead the new option, -a (no parameters), automatically generate
a dependency files next to the output file.

Also, when compiling parcelable aidl files, without the -b option,
a dependency file is still generated. This is used by the SDK build
system since it cannot parse the file separately and instead tries
to compile every .aidl file.
The generation of this dependency file (which shows no output) allows
to know when any type of aidl file has been compiled.

Change-Id: If81dc7e1e0a780592c94d1850a1d1b094d6e7908
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