History log of /frameworks/native/libs/binder/IMemory.cpp
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6f4f3ab36c5ed1df84eb3a9f7475f0ac42952f58 06-Feb-2014 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> binder: fix all warnings

Fix warnings related to casting pointers to ints, using %d or %ld to
print size_t/ssize_t, and unused parameters.

Change-Id: I7a13ba83d402952989c1f795cd9e880a95b98d9e
cab25d680e644d962041d05a319e485b96136a5d 22-Mar-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> improved CallStack a bit

- added a ctor that updates and dumps the stack immediately
- added a "logtag" parameter to dump()

Change-Id: Ie51c256071d282591752243bdb4f68cf9ff8829d
c47f0988a36c3032a3c8850c4df3a704dd59e468 14-Mar-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Revert "Add a compatibility symbol for the MemoryBase constructor."

Cherry pick from AOSP to fix the build.
See https://android-review.googlesource.com/#/c/53690/

This reverts commit 7f974ff2f317ffbf9256579109f000ec876c3037

Change-Id: I1b123f446d0ff41e11ff81d4ef5f1472b59cac93
7f974ff2f317ffbf9256579109f000ec876c3037 13-Mar-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Add a compatibility symbol for the MemoryBase constructor.

Third-party libraries are currently trying to use the
MemoryBase constructor but failing because we fixed the
definition of ssize_t. This is a stop-gap for users of
this private API until we can get them fixed.

Bug: 8253769
Change-Id: I8a19770f3252d88ee87023fde625cc6289924b0d
e6f43ddce78d6846af12550ff9193c5c6fe5844b 06-Jan-2012 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Rename (IF_)LOGE(_IF) to (IF_)ALOGE(_IF) DO NOT MERGE

See https://android-git.corp.google.com/g/#/c/157220

Bug: 5449033
Change-Id: Ic9c19d30693bd56755f55906127cd6bd7126096c
9d4536835248525f32f1504a3d28d5bbfa0a2910 20-Dec-2011 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Rename (IF_)LOGD(_IF) to (IF_)ALOGD(_IF) DO NOT MERGE

See https://android-git.corp.google.com/g/156016

Bug: 5449033
Change-Id: I4c4e33bb9df3e39e11cd985e193e6fbab4635298
5728a92e29c1c9729017a82c5d0bc18fc1069923 22-Jun-2011 Anu Sundararajan <sanuradha@ti.com> MemoryHeapBase: Save and binderize the offset

The offset that is used in the creation of the MemoryHeapBase must be saved, so
that it can be used to recreate the Heap when an IMemory object is passed
across process boundary through the binder.

Change-Id: Ie618fb5c0718e6711f55ed9235616fd801e648dc
Signed-off-by: Anu Sundararajan <sanuradha@ti.com>
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
3c772b706dd8e53fe17b284bb2e60c146867f787 20-Apr-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix [2599939] "cannot play video" after open/close a video player a dozen of times

get rid off the MAP_ONCE flag is MemoryHeapBase (as well as it's functionality),
this feature should not be used anymore.

the software renderer was incorrectly using the default ctor which set MAP_ONCE,
causing the leak. the software renderer itself is incorrectly used while coming
back from sleep.

Change-Id: I123621f8d140550b864f352bbcd8a5729db12b57
83c0446f27b9542d6c2e724817b2b2d8d1f55085 23-May-2009 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> some work to try to reduce the code size of some native libraries

- make sure that all binder Bn classes define a ctor and dtor in their respective library.
This avoids duplication of the ctor/dtor in libraries where these objects are instantiated.
This is also cleaner, should we want these ctor/dtor to do something one day.

- same change as above for some Bp classes and various other non-binder classes

- moved the definition of CHECK_INTERFACE() in IInterface.h instead of having it everywhere.

- improved the CHECK_INTERFACE() macro so it calls a single method in Parcel, instead of inlining its code everywhere

- IBinder::getInterfaceDescriptor() now returns a "const String16&" instead of String16, which saves calls to String16 and ~String16

- implemented a cache for BpBinder::getInterfaceDescriptor(), since this does an IPC. HOWEVER, this method never seems to be called.
The cache makes BpBinder bigger, so we need to figure out if we need this method at all.
c5b2c0bf8007562536b822eb060fc54a01f8e08b 20-May-2009 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> move libbinder's header files under includes/binder
208059f67ed2dd9fa025e07fcb6954d3cb61c79e 19-May-2009 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> checkpoint: split libutils into libutils + libbinder