History log of /frameworks/native/libs/gui/tests/SurfaceTextureMultiContextGL_test.cpp
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2d14a0ed4f5861bfa67e9db138ffdc70d2d5e6e4 26-Aug-2014 Eric Penner <epenner@google.com> GLConsumer: Fix eglTerminate/eglInit edge case.

If a display is terminated and then initialized, we can't detect
this using the display itself (it has the same value), but all
EglImages still become invalid for the display. This patch detects
this during image binding and forces creation of a new EglImage.

Bug: 10430249
Change-Id: I75101c50962f21263dca3ec6e241a2e5a3c23dad
cb1fcdedaaf95acabeac6a2d5bff423d6ca62296 03-Dec-2013 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> libgui: Split SurfaceTexture tests into more files

Extract the many different test fixtures and suites in SurfaceTexture_test.cpp
into separate files. No real functional changes, just tweaking headers to keep
things building (and adding a few copyright headers I forgot last time).

Change-Id: Id801bd5d617f0cc61d22508fb9b71b41694bdecf