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412f38f270b71bbc3214362eb58687cbf26d6df2 14-Apr-2009 Jack Palevich <jackpal@google.com> Manually merge 129, 174, and 233 from donut

This adds a static OpenGL ES API.

Here are the three commit messages for the original changes:

Clean up trivial Eclipse warnings and fix whitespace.

Added @Override to overridden methods.
Removed unused imports.
Converted tabs to spaces.
Removed \r characters from end-of-lines.
Add .gitignore file to ignore the .class files that are
generated when the "gen" script is run.

This is the 2nd commit message:

Improve glgen

+ gen script is really a bash script rather than a sh script,
so declare that to be true. (For example, it uses pushd,
which is a part of bash, but not a part of sh. Not sure
how this worked until now. Possibly gen was only run in
environments where /bin/sh was really bash.

+ Check the results of the java compile of the code generator,
and abort the script if the compile fails.

+ Turn on the bash shell option that guards against using
uninitialized variables in the script.

+ Remove the generated class files.

Refactor JniCodeEmitter into two classes: a general-purpose
JniCodeEmitter and a specific Jsr239CodeEmitter. The hope is
to use JniCodeEmitter as a base for emitting static OpenGL ES

This is the 3rd commit message:

Add an Android-specific static OpenGL ES 1.1 Java API.

This change adds four new public classes that expose a static OpenGL ES 1.1 API:



+ The static API is slightly faster (1% to 4%) than the existing Interface based JSR239 API.
+ The static API is similar to the C API, which should make it easier to import C-based
example code.
+ The static API provides a clear path for adding new OpenGL ES 1.1 extensions
and OpenGL ES 2.0 APIs, neither of which currently have a JSR standard.


import static android.opengl.GLES10.*;



Note that it is possible to mix-and-match calls to both the static and JSR239 APIs.
This works because neither API maintains state. They both call through to the same underlying

Implementation details:

This change enhances the "glgen" "gen" script to generate both the original JSR239 and
new static OpenGL ES APIs. The contents of the generated JSR239 classes remained the same as before,
so there is no need to check in new versions of the generated JSR239 classes.

As part of this work the gen script was updated to be somewhat more robust, and to
work with git instead of perforce. The script prints out commands to git add the generated files,
but leaves it up to the script runner to actually execute those commands.