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bacc28ef1df329f4dc21bae44b09a6c5018af908 28-Sep-2014 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> surfaceflinger: Use landscape resolution for default dpi

When HWC doesn't provide DPI values for a display, we pick a default
DPI based on resolution. The intent was that 1080p and higher displays
would get XHIGH density, and lower resolutions would get TV density.
In KK (and possibly forever) we had a bug that we'd always use TV
density. That was fixed in L, but that fix exposed a pre-existing bug
that we always used the display's height in its native orientation,
rather than in landscape orientation. So an 800x1280 tablet like N7v1
started getting XHIGH density instead of the intended TV density.

Bug: 17461633
Change-Id: Ia57fa49e61f36bdda63ce283ef62c9953297222c
4d407a0f05ad9ba3c232ff5b6742495660c0e4ab 25-Aug-2014 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> surfaceflinger: Trace HW vsync enable

This makes it possible to tell whether two HW vsync signals are too
far apart because one was late, or because we turned HW vsync off
briefly between them.

Bug: 17259382
Change-Id: If4fba2a8a6013568349949ce87c5c36f0468d2a2
eb21986df0429d63f5e9678741730f07f17dcbad 22-Aug-2014 Michael Lentine <mlentine@google.com> Merge "Update currentConfig variable when active display is changed." into lmp-dev
d3e6914ceaafebaee09b0095aad6d001b75e787a 21-Aug-2014 Michael Lentine <mlentine@google.com> Update currentConfig variable when active display is changed.

Bug: 17182607
Change-Id: I8631c105a9e0fa402a7d9670717becc9857af935
949ea0868de1df7e2f28a32d777cc41f901d6770 20-Aug-2014 Naseer Ahmed <naseer@codeaurora.org> sf: Clear display configs when hot pluggable display is disconnected

Display configs for external displays are stored in the framework
everytime we receive a hot plug to connect. However, since the
configs are not cleared on disconnect, framework will just assume
that the configs are valid. This does not work for use cases when
you connect/disconnect external displays with different resolutions.

e.g. 1080p to 4K and vice-versa

With this change we clear the display configs and repopulate when
we receive a hot plug to connect.

Change-Id: I2eeab186a8d8668a53390a2413b2ce5e044a1845
Acked-by: Tatenda Chipeperekwa <tatendac@codeaurora.org>
b54ee7704e46529e02386cf39eba93a34a527c61 07-Aug-2014 Michael Lentine <mlentine@google.com> Change output format to not throw warning on volantis.

Change-Id: Id66eb61bdb1ceccfb7aefa0aa70793dac807c257
258ee43fbcbc752cb08c134a12c08d5d99c4a866 31-Jul-2014 Michael Lentine <mlentine@google.com> Build fix for printf with int64 and size_t

Change-Id: I642584cce7dd43e6d491a49228b0bce047d53354
6c9e34a98a63033b80bd1c24c7aa1304f912f10a 14-Jul-2014 Michael Lentine <mlentine@google.com> Modified SurfaceFlinger to implment setActiveConfig and getActiveConfig.

This can be used to change the current display mode of the device.

Change-Id: Icdc3fb58389b861dc77b68102083da6f7a96eccb
Tested: None
(cherry picked from commit 2651fa94635a96d653038fb389a0dd827338f8d3)
03414a1cfe6c1222fd7723949bd622f9cba145aa 01-Jul-2014 Riley Andrews <riandrews@google.com> Turn on support for async cursor update in surfaceflinger.

If available, surfaceflinger will use the hwc setCursorPositionAsync()
api to change the position of supported cursor layers outside of
the usual prepare/set loop.

Change-Id: Ib3fc5c0c390b3489ddbba202379840a1d2748917
2c9b11f0291210c9b9513a1a0cce6afebd361b3b 25-May-2014 Prashant Malani <pmalani@google.com> surfaceflinger: Replace blank/unblank with setPowerMode

We replace the blank/unblank calls in surfaceFlinger with a more generic
setPowerMode() routine.

Some displays support different power modes (for example, with reduced
color palettes). Depending on the use case we should be able to toggle
these modes, so as to achieve incremental power savings.

Initially, three power modes will be supported:

HWC_POWER_MODE_OFF will correspond to blanking the display, while
HWC_POWER_MODE_NORMAL will correspond to unblanking. HWC_POWER_MODE_DOZE
will put the display into a low power setting, if it is supported in

If such a low power mode is not supported, it should be treated as a
call to set the mode to HWC_POWER_MODE_NORMAL.

As a consequence of adding the mPowerMode field, the mScreenAcquired is
no longer required, and thus references to it are removed and replaced
equivalent references to mPowerMode.

We also add the glue code to connect the services invocation of setting
a power mode and the HAL implementation in HWComposer.

Bug: 13472578
Change-Id: I431595ecf16d2f2c94259272db3dd42f29636204
Signed-off-by: Prashant Malani <pmalani@google.com>
f0058ca0e592485ac9e5a4aedb0dd8fa187625ef 20-May-2014 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Add IMPLEMENTATION_DEFINED to dump

The "dumpsys SurfaceFlinger" output shows pixel formats in
human-readable form now. Add IMPLEMENTATION_DEFINED.

Change-Id: If567e34dad4b940fbfb4d0b70c65f6ab8cd5f5e7
dd02391756dff240c178f7cba21d73d62821007e 06-May-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> Merge "Enable changing display configuration"
7f7da32569f8e0b3d383a40b95f8ac1d55afd801 03-May-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> Enable changing display configuration

This allows querying and switching display device configurations
through the ISurfaceComposer/SurfaceComposerClient interface.

Bug: 14320401
Change-Id: I8c22165698950e5da32204c1c4da92122f91a715
41d67d7ab4da1c393497a620a116a854b3c618e7 26-Apr-2014 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Improve SurfaceFlinger PTS estimation

Get the next refresh time from DispSync instead of guessing based
on the current time.

Change-Id: I8dc72a3217bfd4e9b4c905034194d1a298cad69a
4df87bd1f6f68126e5e9081fc1365ae500e375db 22-Apr-2014 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Update HWC dump format

Shortens a few fields. Displays the format as a string.

Change-Id: Ib471f05603763e250bad165db610f8e173e8423a
993146092f8205d9747f082ccd63c09b536caa4e 14-Mar-2014 Mark Salyzyn <salyzyn@google.com> am d4dabf87: am cdbf28b3: Merge "native frameworks: 64-bit compile issues"

* commit 'd4dabf872ac0a12e12aebae9032f7d62762c2aeb':
native frameworks: 64-bit compile issues
92dc3fc52cf097bd105460cf377779bdcf146d62 12-Mar-2014 Mark Salyzyn <salyzyn@google.com> native frameworks: 64-bit compile issues

- Fix format (print/scanf)
- Suppress unused argument warning messages (bonus)

Change-Id: I05c7724d2aba6da1e82a86000e11f3a8fef4e728
399184a4cd728ea1421fb0bc1722274a29e38f4a 04-Mar-2014 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Add sideband streams to BufferQueue and related classes

Sideband streams are essentially a device-specific buffer queue that
bypasses the BufferQueue system. They can be used for situations with
hard real-time requirements like high-quality TV and video playback
with A/V sync. A handle to the stream is provided by the source HAL,
and attached to a BufferQueue. The sink HAL can read buffers via the
stream handle rather than acquiring individual buffers from the

Change-Id: Ib3f262eddfc520f4bbe3d9b91753ed7dd09d3a9b
524672571f1df138eb913e672aaa74e0257aa8c0 03-Jan-2014 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> am 03691218: am e5f7bf74: am b6c21004: Merge "Implement per-display EGLConfig and configless EGLContext"

* commit '03691218ada2fb7e084ad4ae7ddd54f9b28d5611':
Implement per-display EGLConfig and configless EGLContext
19e872912af66c53a4350afcc333bbafaf6a2294 24-Dec-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Implement per-display EGLConfig and configless EGLContext

Bug: 12230666
Change-Id: Icca608b108cbdcab9cf01a9236d8cdbda000a836
Signed-off-by: Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com>
ad78055746c9b1b3f0563133971800812bfed1f6 07-Nov-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> am 2d32aa59: am 356c2386: Merge "Provide virtual display output buffer to HWC in prepare" into klp-dev

* commit '2d32aa5918de1c12c54a32e8eb28bbc96d430796':
Provide virtual display output buffer to HWC in prepare
f7a675837bdad03d398c9b6f0f593b9c51c679b5 06-Nov-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Provide virtual display output buffer to HWC in prepare

We were already making sure the HWComposer class had the handle before
prepare, but it wasn't passing the handle along to HWC as intended.

Partial fix for bug: 11430248
Change-Id: I25f672c4fdfaa6a81fe0acb24d9ad05153ee17dc
adbb3062e1a3d675531367c055572664fc46280d 15-Oct-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> am a04fd39c: am 8e26b28b: Filter out vsync events from HWC with duplicate timestamps

* commit 'a04fd39cb88bb6df5f639464f70795f58cd0aefa':
Filter out vsync events from HWC with duplicate timestamps
8e26b28be62e7c0e093900540db5e5cdcf52a0ff 14-Oct-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Filter out vsync events from HWC with duplicate timestamps

Bug: 11220224
Change-Id: I4efe0b66ea8969bf0ec3c4fcb325d354c8a0c315
b85d2cf0a20e46261db8fee4839840f0ef715c68 09-Oct-2013 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> resolved conflicts for merge of 790b6d09 to master
faf77cce9d9ec0238d6999b3bd0d40c71ff403c5 31-Jul-2013 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: SW-based vsync events

This change adds the DispSync class, which models the hardware vsync event
times to allow vsync event callbacks to be done at an arbitrary phase offset
from the hardware vsync. This can be used to reduce the minimum latency from
Choreographer wake-up to on-screen image presentation.

Bug: 10624956
Change-Id: I8c7a54ceacaa4d709726ed97b0dcae4093a7bdcf
fee52e20b9fc9a02dbeeb75458972c14682c5400 02-Oct-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> am f3fa0712: am 93573e91: Merge "Treat composition frames with no layers as using GLES composition" into klp-dev

* commit 'f3fa0712282e760c316f44cba05f884f9399b98f':
Treat composition frames with no layers as using GLES composition
d05a17fbb3772051d287f1f8830a7f00964f7ec2 01-Oct-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Treat composition frames with no layers as using GLES composition

When there are no window layers for a display, SurfaceFlinger clears
the undefined region using GLES. Some of the places that check for
GLES composition weren't considering this special case, in particular:

- We were skipping the eglSwapBuffers() on these frames.
- We were putting VirtualDisplaySurface in HWC-only composition mode.

This change centralizes the logic for this special case.

Bug: 10957068
Change-Id: I2deaf2ed101e8ea76708862a6bb67751b6078794
ff98f3e598cc5ccf8daaf18ba93600b5b1a61a26 26-Sep-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> am 338acd68: am 86206b41: Merge "fix initialization of framebuffer target crop rect on hwc 1.3" into klp-dev

* commit '338acd6869532f2684cbd1e4f273eaffc6d4ef6d':
fix initialization of framebuffer target crop rect on hwc 1.3
8f63c2049b93819c41d390fc4222b9307e3a61c7 26-Sep-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix initialization of framebuffer target crop rect on hwc 1.3

Bug: 10936771
Change-Id: If283e5e231ca34b93e0b1784bb4e8e4c7bfd75de
d142f4b787abae7a5c392ded0dd2741574a0bce2 20-Sep-2013 Christopher Ferris <cferris@google.com> Remove unnecessary include.

All these files are including utils/CallStack.h, but none of the code
uses any CallStack objects.

Change-Id: I38c3a346a3bd0ddbff368d0f7f8b3f3d78fc0432
bef42c50ebda2d63400f92611e1dd857c03bb38c 22-Aug-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> handle several vsync signal correctly

Change-Id: I34935d2197ce8e914fef2f110896e47b44225ad2
353ddc6e77816352107537c215dc8302f6e8587a 21-Aug-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Fix HWComposer dumping of float source crops

Change-Id: I45a9344b5fab17ccb54bebd01382d738a03860e6
9e663de4fe1dcc872373ee530c60a375624671c3 16-Aug-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Use new HWC display type/count constants.

Change-Id: I774d0c68906ac6dc69268f708c30a6b0868b8816
3bc38408882487dc2a63ba036394addd839b0695 16-Jul-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Merge "Rewrite VirtualDisplaySurface"
38efe86d9459cf5c96a24a34cc5cbf31fdba7e19 07-Apr-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Rewrite VirtualDisplaySurface

The previous implementation assumed that the HWC could read and write
the same buffer on frames that involved both GLES and HWC composition.
It turns out some hardware can't do this. The new implementation
maintains a scratch buffer pool to use on these mixed frames, but on
GLES-only or HWC-only frames still does composition directly into the
output buffer.

Bug: 8384764
Change-Id: I7a3addb34fad9bfcbdabbb8b635083e10223df69
6b44267a3beb457e220cad0666c039d3a765cdb2 10-Jul-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix SF buffer cropping

When a buffer had a crop (meaning its content is scaled to the window size)
and a window crop was defined, the resulting crop couldn't be expressed
properly because h/w composer's API was limited to integers, since
this is fixed in h/w composer 1.3, we take adventage of this to
make sure we get the correct crop.

this bug could result in the buffer being scaled by an incorrect ratio and
be slightly offset; moreover, it would produce different results from the
GL code path, which is always correct.

Change-Id: I8e20e00b6e26177d14f4ab4d2cd581e26c818892
2381033ad001960c606d13e3a4198e5da3672ec7 17-May-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> am e6eef6c1: am ea74d3b7: make the warning timout of Fence::waitForever() implicit and longer

* commit 'e6eef6c136b007f3a7e1e19884875b855c0c5f95':
make the warning timout of Fence::waitForever() implicit and longer
ea74d3b78d607cde17790a7bb83e6f68ffd34cfd 17-May-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> make the warning timout of Fence::waitForever() implicit and longer

- timeout is now 3 seconds instead of 1
- simplifies the API a bit
- allows us to change/tweak this timeout globaly

Bug: 8988871

Change-Id: I8d3c6ec43a372f602fb3f29856710339f86c0ec9
c0db61966a172c953b4259bd0501c9b6781f0f31 09-May-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> am dda42952: am 64f3b2fd: Merge "Remove experimental HWC virtual display support" into jb-mr2-dev

* commit 'dda4295221f831560ca9d554cd9b7be1c672d0b6':
Remove experimental HWC virtual display support
e737c11cd83a449d9a544c5c6d4e0dfd42250a56 07-May-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Remove experimental HWC virtual display support

Bug: 8384764
Change-Id: I97b52ed83ad85466bd91cb9291308994048568a1
74d211ae26a0257c6075a823812e40b55aa1e653 22-Apr-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> clean-up/simplify all dump() APIs

remove the scratch buffer parameter and use
String8::appendFormat() instead.

Change-Id: Ib96c91617c8e7292de87433d15cf6232b7d591b0
1c569c4d45f89ec05abf8f8fe3a560e68bf39a8e 05-Apr-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Tell HWComposer the dimensions of virtual displays

HWComposer queries the HWC for dimensions of physical displays, but
can't do that for virtual displays. The dimensions are used to set the
display frame of the framebuffer target layer passed to HWC, and
implicitly the dimensions of the virtual display.

Bug: 8316155
Change-Id: I9cbd2530d2fa878f86128a1472def520b5d694a5
6d5b8e600e77164d3b5e51b89bf9c940fd7b4ea2 05-Apr-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Merge "Clean up HWC state when releasing a DisplayDevice" into jb-mr2-dev
33ceeb32582739dd74e404593d9ddf8adf5100bb 02-Apr-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Fix include paths

Change-Id: If5350a3de995cc0cb1afea067e7ce168bc00d3f5
02d86567d95b99e1142941ed7ec23a4465822813 25-Mar-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Clean up HWC state when releasing a DisplayDevice

DisplayDevices can be released when DisplayManager removes them from
the display list, or (for virtual displays) when the surface is set to
NULL. We were only cleaning up HWC resources associated with the
display in the first case.

Bug: 8384764
Change-Id: Id3d226dd7178fbe6d0a2ac4e2660b864ee073de3
851cfe834295224cd64bdd499872b95b19c4de8c 20-Mar-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Isolate knowledge that fb target == output buffer

HWComposer didn't allow the virtual display output buffer to be set
directly, instead it always used the framebuffer target buffer.
DisplayDevice was only providing the framebuffer release fence to
DisplaySurfaces after a commit.

This change fixes both of these, so both HWComposer and DisplayDevice
should continue to work if VirtualDisplaySurface changes to use
separate framebuffer and output buffers. It's also more correct since
VirtualDisplaySurface uses the correct release fence when queueing the
buffer to the sink.

Bug: 8384764
Change-Id: I95c71e8d4f67705e23f122259ec8dd5dbce70dcf
afaf14b9fbfe8943d845e2f01e8a401ad7a4d854 20-Mar-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Use descriptive aliases instead of HWC_NUM_DISPLAY_TYPES

Bug: 8384764
Change-Id: Ia2563fab19dbc6e4a95bed03445e609334841cca
13f01cbdbd34779a234bc674df79e23672fd5c0b 20-Mar-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Pass sp<Fence>s around instead of file descriptors

Change-Id: Iac70584a2207940730e8f803a543e4e9a4000c47
70a6e88dbd52605f35f290eba52a05bdc6fc8042 22-Mar-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> initialize planeAlpha (to 0xFF) for the FB_TARGET

Bug: 8422625
Change-Id: I7b72456c2e01ed92e675cc1bfa0cfd0d2ce5064e
ef64b75a936ffd194673dbce6766995f86b42ba9 18-Mar-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Don't log an error on HWC1.1+ devices with no FB HAL

Change-Id: I015e5a1a1f926181e51f82525f69beff71bd70cd
80e0a397a4712666661ecc629a64ec26e7f6aac3 15-Mar-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Add BufferQueueInterposer and use it for virtual displays

BufferQueueInterposer allows a client to tap into a
IGraphicBufferProducer-based buffer queue, and modify buffers as they
pass from producer to consumer. VirtualDisplaySurface uses this to
layer HWC composition on top of GLES composition before passing the
buffer to the virtual display consumer.

Bug: 8384764
Change-Id: I61ae54f3d90de6a35f4f02bb5e64e7cc88e1cb83
99c7dbb24994df2f3e175f7b25dd2c9dd92a72f0 14-Mar-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Add DisplaySurface abstraction

DisplayDevice now has a DisplaySurface instead of using
FramebufferSurface directly. FramebufferSurface implements
DisplaySurface, and so does the new VirtualDisplaySurface class.
DisplayDevice now always has a surface, not just for virtual displays.

In this change VirtualDisplaySurface is just a stub; buffers still go
directly from GLES to the final consumer.

Bug: 8384764
Change-Id: I57cb668edbc6c37bfebda90b9222d435bf589f37
7adb0f8a9fdb961692ffd2f0c65cacb155143f64 07-Mar-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Minor cleanups/fixes before virtual display refactoring

None of these should change behavior, except for removing some
incorrect log messages when using a virtual display.

- HWComposer::getAndResetReleaseFenceFd() checks the HWC version, so
no need to do that in the DisplayDevice::onSwapBuffersCompleted().
However, it should check that mFramebufferSurface is not NULL like
it is for virtual displays.
- Comment that FramebufferSurface::dump() overrides the non-virtual
ConsumerBase::dump(), and fix it so the right thing happens
regardless of the static type of the pointer/reference the callee
has. FramebufferSurface::dump() could be removed right now, but I'd
need to bring it back in a later change.
- Use the right enum for validating display type ids.
- Don't try to send hotplug events for virtual displays.
- Mark virtual displays as connected so HWComposer::prepare() doesn't
think something is wrong when it gets a non-NULL layer list.
- Remove unused FramebufferSurface methods.

Bug: 8384764
Change-Id: Id28a2f9be86b45f4bb7915fdf7752157035f4294
13127d8921356dff794250e04208c3ed60b3a3df 06-Mar-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Get rid of LayerBase.

The functionality of LayerBase and Layer is folded
into Layer. There wasn't a need for this abstraction

Change-Id: I66511c08cc3d89009ba4deabf47e26cd4cfeaefb
a9a1b006e48320f5c501473e51e6c4a5f7a17b88 28-Feb-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Initialize DisplayData fences to NO_FENCE, not NULL

Also fix another place that was checking for NULL fence rather than

Bug 8283950

Change-Id: Ie06db327eb416828d8dac139171d96d4470b2e35
e3c697fb929c856b59fa56a8e05a2a7eba187c3d 15-Feb-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Refactoring: Rename SurfaceTextureClient to Surface

Change-Id: Ibed34175ae273608393aaa5f0a7df207dc40d709
1df8c345854155cbbcb9f80de9d12d66ea70ac08 20-Dec-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> libgui: disallow NULL Fence pointers

This change eliminates the uses of a NULL sp<Fence> indicating that no waiting
is required. Instead we use a non-NULL but invalid Fence object for which the
wait methods will return immediately.

Bug: 7892871
Change-Id: I5360aebe3090422ef6920d56c99fc4eedc642e48
5fe58b8ba6c5d78481730874236a1be48a90d61d 08-Feb-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> only disable hwc when alpha < 1.0

Bug: 8149181
Change-Id: Ib3c7a44f04871e020adceeae16d002141ac758d4
9f8386e1118c10dd4927f62637ec7162569bdbdc 30-Jan-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Add support for plane-alpha in HWC

Change-Id: I218e7dd5f23de535aabce61e993002ab6cb46cdd
51d22007386f171e1c696786ddce957e78fc4a03 14-Jan-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Remove unused HWCLayer::setPerFrameDefaultState()

Bug: 7977590
Change-Id: Ic49c4e38ef2ee6beaeb268c406347c882135bdf0
800856a7b7f8d89c1a64955f152549b8f42cd3e0 14-Jan-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> am f3e9d5bd: am cbe51356: Merge "Remove support for legacy HWC version encoding"

* commit 'f3e9d5bde57a41593a7dbc15e6f1fdb1ea64ea74':
Remove support for legacy HWC version encoding
f3e9d5bde57a41593a7dbc15e6f1fdb1ea64ea74 14-Jan-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> am cbe51356: Merge "Remove support for legacy HWC version encoding"

* commit 'cbe5135610cd3c919e6334fada72cc52238bb8b0':
Remove support for legacy HWC version encoding
8f06a8c2c80491465e8742c1bf45315dab7017e3 11-Jan-2013 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Reduce C++11 warnings

A few typecasts to fix "narrowing conversion" complaints.

Change-Id: Ib2118079a2ca33959c748d03d8c6f1722d62e8fe
7296051995fbaea919480a6cc2dabb729dabc95b 11-Jan-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Remove support for legacy HWC version encoding

Change-Id: If03ae1ebf10d15777310e1449a57473021390582
dd9d192287bcd54b5aef68f201dacca26cfa850e 20-Nov-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> workaround: don't reset compositionType to HWC_FRAMEBUFFER

This workaround a HWC HAL issue in Nexus 7, which causes videos and live
wallpapers to animate slowly.

Bug: 7563862
Change-Id: I87803aaad9751b1fd8392b9732304d4bccec659a
e64b38fad2cc6686fb6691aaf65c735f505a49a5 20-Nov-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> Merge "SurfaceFlinger: track the HWC retire fences"
3e095b251503d71bea04d6b707e8188cd30034e2 20-Nov-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> workaround: don't reset compositionType to HWC_FRAMEBUFFER [DO NOT MERGE]

This workaround a HWC HAL issue in Nexus 7, which causes videos and live
wallpapers to animate slowly.

Bug: 7563862
Change-Id: I16ad85317e3e7f47f005e7397357c14186b0a13d
2ec3e0748bff8d75baade2ddda9fbfa21a3b7d3f 12-Nov-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: track the HWC retire fences

This change adds functionality to the HWComposer class to track the retire
fences returned by each hwc set call. It adds the HWComposer::getDisplayFence
method to allow other parts of SurfaceFlinger to get a fence that will signal
when the most recent flip takes effect on a display.

Change-Id: I676e0f98440fc58ed70908aa1a1e2ee3e7bf9eb2
ee932d0ad1a16cc93b4bd9eaf9cb3cc756fb2dfc 14-Nov-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Reset compositionType to HWC_FRAMEBUFFER before calling prepare()

Honor the documentation. this broke in JB-MR1.

Change-Id: I841a93b409fc940374bc748c4e143d82a192669c
620685c2e684082c82657732d1e35cefd0c79006 19-Oct-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Fix emulator vsync

The code that reserves display IDs was only run when a hardware
composer was present. The eventControl() function, which handles
enabling of vsync, was ignoring the request because the primary
display didn't appear in its set of allocated IDs. This moves
reservation of IDs for built-in displays outside the HWC-only block.

Also, added a couple of warnings in eventControl().

Bug 7376568

Change-Id: I185ccdf817a25499b5c2668f8f6d594afb8c1568
9e9689c11148521d2c16a121a0b87b062be0714c 11-Oct-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Fix HDMI unblank behavior

Two issues:

(1) We were announcing the hotplug event before we were ready to
handle blank/unblank events, so we were losing the initial unblank
that power manager sends us when HDMI is first plugged in. This
left the display blank until you toggled the device power off/on.

(2) We were retaining fbTargetHandle for HDMI after the display was
disconnected. The value didn't get updated when HDMI was reconnected
because the display was blank, so we didn't go through that code
path. So, when HDMI was re-connected, we passed stale data into
the HWC.

Bug 7323938

Change-Id: I2335d24fd7b0f00bb23fc63aa7bcf44cb8857c73
cb55857bbde34a06c19dde3db5064d1717a0173e 05-Oct-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix dumpsys Layer name when using multiple displays

Bug: 7288401
Change-Id: I14beeef58fac5270cef3b611e18c163060efe6c3
5a8f9012ee8bb9dc1ad14432b96a821f08802ee3 05-Oct-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Tone down a fatal assert

The new disconnectDisplay function doesn't handle virtual displays,
but it may be called for them. Return without doing anything.

Bug 7281786

Change-Id: I62607f2ae6073fa66b393f55932604aeb8e03566
81cd5d3b94d21253a0be925f4ae58cc7f4afeef7 04-Oct-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> make sure we don't call into the HWC HAL when not needed

when enabling/disabling vsync we now make sure to
not call into the HAL if the state wouldn't change.

Bug: 7274951

Change-Id: Ie24a6d68888a51b577acf9c2a973d85437cbacaf
27ec5739bc05330e08b02f25b62a8f597bad897a 03-Oct-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Fix crashes after HDMI disconnect

The display was being removed from SurfaceFlinger's list before we
had a chance to reset HWComposer's layer list, so we were passing
stale data into the hardware composer (which has its own per-display
data). This resulted in "invalid gralloc handle" complaints.
We now clear the layer list immediately after removing the display.

The display was being removed while its EGLSurface was still
"current", resulting in "cancelBuffer: BufferQueue has been
abandoned" complaints. We now call makeCurrent on the primary
display before removing the external display.

Bug 7274254

Change-Id: Ia59e3a61d7ec46488b96bf93ec5e4ed3488b70e4
ba607d53c6a94ea8c4c12571980c4ad159af308b 01-Oct-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Add Fence::waitForever which logs a warning timeout, and use it

Bug: 7217641
Change-Id: If0c1a613ead307c4045a47824174bf40c72bc7d7
d30b36d1fd0c7ab80553e784a155266be9703e47 01-Oct-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: reset the FB_TGT acquire fence

This change makes SurfaceFlinger reset the acquire fence fd to -1 after each
call to HWComposer::commit. The HWComposer implementation is resonsible for
closing the fd, so SurfaceFlinger should make sure not to pass it to HWC
multiple times.

Change-Id: I79554d9f6d6ef2b77d632d40251516c1f5b16ddb
Bug: 7258954
c01a79d77b829e7de86ef137694e8ad708470ca1 28-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Pass display arg to blank/unblank

This allows us to blank and unblank displays other than the built-in
display (e.g. HDMI).

Bug: 7240511
Change-Id: I89ea13f9e497be74c3e1231d0c62fb558e93e0f8
9e2463e71796964cfaa06bf09a880875ac3537bc 22-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> add/remove displays properly on hotplug events

Bug: 7191563
Change-Id: I8f0fbf3b29658c9479443141798e6f288a1f2d52
b4d18ed34e3513f3a14ea0876c7e330bee72a529 21-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix an issue where hotplug events were not dispatched

Change-Id: I527eec77f338cd6f1a9021aa4c9d384dbddd6d2a
38e623bc5c2d7224ebd5b82efaea401bc8e5367a 21-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix a typo preventing pre hwc-1.1 devices from booting

Change-Id: Icf01254689633d04967872749ac947a671e47ed8
f5a33928349bebc8eebc9f466618997e98c24e68 20-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> we now correctly set-up connected screens during boot

Change-Id: Ie8b1a3b97ad1821cc970e43abe96c8cec7135b66
148994e5f33ce240ff24ceb5bc0500b7f2001959 20-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> We now report hotplug events to the framework

Change-Id: I2d6b7787d39e5929485a551e4982498c5053c211
1604f777d11c40daae8ec91d8ea75625996bfbac 19-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> one more step toward HDMI support

getDisplayInfo() now returns proper information for
HWC managed displays.

hotplug is sitll not supported; so this is not fully correct
as the information returned will be bogus if the HDMI screen
is not plugged in.

Bug: 7191563
Change-Id: If55d8e829fae0443571548155007f486cdf9bc9f
6ab93290aeed63f139b0e77819ea889bbce9ec8b 18-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> suppress superfluous log

Change-Id: I838f2de4cf99e885833c4f42e2a69d6e3bb8eea5
d3d35f18345c3ef93217313a583ace473b5a47ad 18-Sep-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Check that HWC exists before trying to use it

Bug: 7185810
Change-Id: I1271d6ba397f3abf0ef166b8d03b9b26b72e28d7
da27af9832a0170f1fc40ef3f21371c4d30d21b3 14-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> add support hwc 1.1

Bug: 7124069

Change-Id: I53d705105c4ad8954d3f50ee4f4c8b7ec936b871
cde87a3b9d3f8dc15232d927b56ee9e5e520f58d 13-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> refactor things a bit

- decouple GL and main display initialization
- ensure that each "supported" display has its own FramebufferSurface
- onScreenAcquired/Released now takes a display

Change-Id: If34a05f3dea40f6c79db77f4dde283a2580daac4
ae2cfb5746e87f1bf17c446e20274c41ce0a57ce 13-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Minor tweaks

A couple of minor cleanups I stumbled over while looking at other

Change-Id: I385ecfe1afefd577afbc59d7ef1d98d868073651
db27621e22559a1b16414f890677ef04242fbc3b 07-Sep-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Initialize new HWC 1.2 fields

Also rename resolution* to width/height.

Change-Id: Ia5f0c50d3f0a349160f314a3257c3b985e13ef1d
babba1868773eba5edf8a8e335b8e109a32292e0 12-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Fix emulator

Emulator has no HWC.

Change-Id: I7810b27034f6772823142e5bf877681db1c8ee49
43601a2dc320a271ff8c3765ff61414a07221635 12-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Reduce failure uncertainty

This adds a trivial workaround for a one-shot boot time crash, plus
an explicit check and abort for a failure condition that currently
presents as a less obvious failure.

Bug: 7145521, 7147557
Change-Id: I548f6a9caa9f0bd5710aaecea0e1c6c7c8f2f281
b0d1dd36f104c0b581674adc7f830cbf44b7db06 10-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Reshuffle FramebufferSurface

FramebufferSurface no longer speaks directly to the FB HAL. Now
everything goes through HWComposer (which may or may not be
connected to a hardware composer).

Added display index arg to some query methods.

Change-Id: Id3e157d2d4e3555d33afbb703e518b6e92e2d6d5
55882dea1b1b305f15192b96ff7814f18babb212 06-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix a problem where all hwc layers would have the SKIP flags set

the problem was that LayerBase::setPerFrameData() was always setting
this flag. in fact there was no reason to do this at that point since
the layer is initialized to a default state in setGeometry().

Bug: 7111259
Change-Id: Ib37b0dd7391a6163070e9aca025512159c1705f9
e25d005d91344c500450f01d4a258ca9c3676627 05-Sep-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Always reset layer acquireFenceFd after commit

If SurfaceFlinger needs to refresh the screen but the dirty region is
empty, it won't set the layer acquire fences, and stale file
descriptors will be passed to HWC commit(). Now we make sure to clear
the stale file descriptors for each layer right after commit().

Bug: 7078301
Change-Id: I6953ff91fc5488f105b30b07306f9c45a4c3f780
c39736088398a9b4367b30fc307ed7de96ac342e 01-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> the visible region sent to HWC was garbage

we used to have a visibleRegion object per layer, but now
it's per screen; so at somepoint the code got changed to
calculate the per-screen visible region on the stack and that's
what got passed to HWC.

we're now setting the visibleRegionScreen at each frame and
freeing at after the HWC set() call. We use the underlaying
SharedBuffer so that in most cases we don't have to allocate,
free or copy memory around.

Bug: 7089478
Change-Id: I24fa556c76613a225d9fe7a6c6b727bb476144d8
1bd20e0f9ecd27cc5ad2bdf08b01837ecc10c357 29-Aug-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> HWC 1.1: hook up hotplug event, use new display config queries

Change-Id: I2fd359e5fc7e1948072c6bc6b6fe47ea5e8025c1
9eb1eb5bb55740982ceae9966fc536824edc302a 29-Aug-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Handle new device api version encoding

Change-Id: I3d36058bd5d31c23b3cc4a7eb5aa033b6f3c1955
13a082e160c2d1d8006b93a555a57035213d568b 24-Aug-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Added display initialization method

The primary display device was being configured to "blank" by
default, which prevented the boot animation from appearing
(unless you got lucky with the hardware composer state).

Bug 6975688

Change-Id: I0fa52e9e719c6e997c5725a7baf15d9718461b78
f435863467ab407f2a482604beed5fa6f0144c62 23-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> teach HWC about multiple displays

Change-Id: I5e72a83d419a729835cb0e1ec45557b4d3fb56b1
30bcc61431d8e3bef779472dd52a7b156dcaba09 23-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> remove support for HWC < 1.0

Change-Id: If7e676a6e3524afeb9af3875125d2131d95db38b
e60b0687c8d49871d0c8786cabe6851f7a7783b5 22-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> HWComposer now has its own concept of display IDs

HWComposer can now create IDs representing a display
it can deal with. IDs MAIN and HDMI are reserved.
SurfaceFlinger associate HWComposer IDs with a
DisplayDevice and uses that when it talks to HWComposer.

A DisplayDevice doesn't have to have a HWComposer ID,
in that case it just can't use h/w composer composition.

Change-Id: Iec3d7ac92e0c22bf975052ae2847402f58bade71
bbd164a3c790a0649dffd2f015e6f47692c72e1c 21-Aug-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Update for cleanups in hwc interface

Change-Id: I363fd8b085167a1af6c14b68012bda5c62bfe59f
8f971ff6661c875e7adb3f14731e1579c3c80c62 22-Aug-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Pass the correct number of displays based on HWC version

Change-Id: I27372f5d3102ad56f6d67722d631ae18d37f8330
5f20e2d4462da3471f59152b32cd8640fa4a21da 11-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> reimplement wifi display hack with new external display SF framework

fix a few bugs with external displays

- HWComposer doesn't really handle multiple displays yet
so there is a lot of ugliness there

- We also need to make sure that external displays are not
blanked by default

- due to some EGL limitations surfaces being swapped need
to be current

Change-Id: I82bff05b43bcebd8da863c7c76b4edbc3bc223a9
8b736f138cfd9b239a2c7073347a13c489534ae1 14-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> xdpi / ydpi were reported as 0

Bug: 6975723
Change-Id: Ia7fa37ec11e2308804f5034959a37e508d292d31
748f3df66f6695681cde44461e2548e6e1dbc1bb 10-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> avoid crashing when we don't have an h/w composer

should fix the emulator

Bug: 6956162
Change-Id: I38247b59d276b8db078c4dc2caba7d3fb545912c
1e26087493ac0e7d7dc6dea8ad85cfef08b3271f 09-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Add a display parameter to HWComposer where needed

- also replace C casts with C++ casts
- only the interface is changed, HWComposer still doesn't
fully handle multiple displays

Change-Id: I48eb89bff2edb76bf1d4d41f46802b9b2a7166a8
b685c542836b93c99cd85053e07696406ea37adb 31-Jul-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Changes to support multi-display HWC

Change-Id: I07efff54f2980dcb013935747b03e099b8f1181b
888c822c4cb6976aab9256c58bae9e17e3e55c5c 05-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> remove a dependency of DisplayDevice on the refresh rate

this remove a dependency (not all) on FramebufferSurface

Change-Id: Ie07ce70760cdcedfb41b5b41bea8da45637bf474
d3ee231eddce0b69ec5e35188dbd0f4a2c3b9ac3 02-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> cleanups in preparation of bigger changes

- fix typo drawForSreenshot misspelled
- get rid of DisplayDeviceBase
- removed unused or unneeded code
- always pass a DisplayDevice to Layer methods that are called
on a per-display basis (to make it clear that this could be
called more than once per composition).

Change-Id: Id948b7e09fe5c06db0e42d40d6ed75dd095c7f44
34a09ba1efd706323a15633da5044b352988eb5f 30-Jul-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Move eglSwapBuffers out of HWComposer

Commit 8630320 moved the eglSwapBuffers fallback (for devices with no
HWC implementation) from DisplayHardware to HWComposer. But HWComposer
only knows about the framebuffer EGL display and surface handles if
there is a HWC, so it was always passing bogus handles.

This change moves the eglSwapBuffers fallback up to SurfaceFlinger,
which has access to the framebuffer EGL handles.

Bug: 6886613
Change-Id: Iad3f5ff7c90ee48d7053999e6a4548d6794b6ebd
028508cad5ef63ef9fbd42c14e76658e4fd9ebf2 26-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> hopefully fixe a race condition in sf initialization

if we received a vsync event during SF init, we could crash
as not all objects were ready to go.

Change-Id: Ie11b46e3eb1b37a709dd8757843d444f93dd0189
8630320433bd15aca239522e54e711ef6372ab07 25-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> split HWComposer out of DisplayHardware

we will only ever have a single instance of HWComposer, so
it's now an attribute of SurfaceFlinger, instead of being part
of DisplayHardware.

DisplayHardware now just represents a "display" (it should be renamed).

Change-Id: Iec191e57686868e1df6daa8b880a286c9fefde56
921e6ac4b7610a178285898d191eb0e3afe906c0 24-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> SurfaceFlinger cleanup

mostly refactored SurfaceFlinger.h, but also removed dead code.
cleaned-up a few includes as well.

Change-Id: Ib15f4ffe567912b61ee98aa076c6a283b72811b5
10fbdb6059755f009e02f0ccc2b9d289beb6b086 13-Jul-2012 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> surfaceflinger: call into hardware composer to blank screen

Call into the new HWC blank operation to blank or unblank the screen.
Legacy systems may have already blanked the screen via early suspend,
and can choose to not implement the blank operation in their hardware
composer implementation.

Change-Id: Ib403c8c0e36367a2cfef3e1d124872fcfeb9e7cb
dc5b485f74edf2d2f31c62054eb6c180421a3ade 30-Jun-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Pass fence to HWC on first use of buffer

Also do a CPU-wait on the fence before using it for GL composition.

Change-Id: I0f645a42a44803276cae11b904e5a26d65871562
ef19414bd8b77a26f5751f3845be79025a8263fe 14-Jun-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Transfer HWC release fences to BufferQueue

After a HWC set, each SurfaceFlinger Layer retrieves the release fence
HWC returned and gives it to the layer's SurfaceTexture. The
SurfaceTexture accumulates the fences into a merged fence until the
next updateTexImage, then passes the merged fence to the BufferQueue
in releaseBuffer.

In a follow-on change, BufferQueue will return the fence along with
the buffer slot in dequeueBuffer. For now, dequeueBuffer waits for the
fence to signal before returning.

The releaseFence default value for BufferQueue::releaseBuffer() is
temporary to avoid transient build breaks with a multi-project
checkin. It'll disappear in the next change.

Change-Id: Iaa9a0d5775235585d9cbf453d3a64623d08013d9
5880cc573823148237eac9ab7bc586b8e4eb7160 06-Jun-2012 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Add support for HWC_DEVICE_API_VERSION_1_0

The acquire and release fences aren't yet used; this is just support
for the new version and temporary backwards compatibility for older

Change-Id: Ia5ccc05a97c86f649042b9a35e11042fa0187e84
3e8b853d67c737abdb363f9c978e7d83eac4d888 14-May-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> refactor HWComposer to break dependency with the HAL headers

HWComposer must abstract the HWC HAL entirely, so that the
HAL can continue to evolve (and break binary compatibility)
without breaking SurfaceFlinger. The HWC data structure had
leaked outside of HWComposer, this is now fixed.

We now have an abstract interface that provide all the
needed functionality, HWCompose provides concrete
implementations of it based on the the HWC version.

Change-Id: I40c4676dc986b682ede5520a1c60efe64037b0bb
03e407270c7ad76632f982c886d0776bed9e9b4c 27-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> set vsync power hint

Change-Id: I28c2faf9ff584df3e74392712971cbcf75eb9e98
22ffb117b0c2a906bd04aef9738a52223cdd1dce 11-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> make sure to disable VSYNC while screen is off

Change-Id: If1894c43b0a39a2851e1280a35ae77bccd6d9abd
e2c4f4ec23b735dd2a03f4ea8b08b288a1bb04e8 11-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Added vsync debugging information in dumpsys log

Change-Id: I20ef05a73d89caaf6a70dc9ca25ada6e6a1f6ff9
3a77871383bc1a03cc866686d81628493d14de7c 09-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> start VSYNC thread when HWC doesn't handle it

Change-Id: I853a822ea9ec13870ae25af55a89ad9a8cc3936a
2965b26022f95051f65b09d7eac47cbe923855c9 09-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> VSYNC handling cleanup

Change-Id: I1376bf864c4e03c11fb6d1333a8b7cfdda08c9e4
1a3bf41b7165ba294af46bc32483eaad61e707ea 06-Apr-2012 Erik Gilling <konkers@android.com> Fix SurfaceFlinger crash in HWC::eventControl

eventControl was not checking if there was a hwc before callingi

Change-Id: I4d739fc9c0d47da131f4ffc5d50e274de156d012
3eb38cb33e41ce40dd1094bdec850f0fca9f8a53 04-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> SurfaceFlinger now uses the new VSYNC HAL API.

If h/w composer doesn't support vsync (version < 0.3) we
"fake" it with a timer.

Change-Id: I1e3be79f43c9631d1293ad7d6cf52f9bfc42d65b
31d2843b45ebdb69ec3355111b7567363fd2a6b7 04-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Add HWC vsync hook. Currently unused.

Change-Id: I849d56f375813a044c5e2d0b25f791476a60fa01
e6f43ddce78d6846af12550ff9193c5c6fe5844b 06-Jan-2012 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Rename (IF_)LOGE(_IF) to (IF_)ALOGE(_IF) DO NOT MERGE

See https://android-git.corp.google.com/g/#/c/157220

Bug: 5449033
Change-Id: Ic9c19d30693bd56755f55906127cd6bd7126096c
32397c1cd3327905173b36baa6fd1c579bc328ff 06-Jan-2012 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Rename (IF_)LOGW(_IF) to (IF_)ALOGW(_IF) DO NOT MERGE

See https://android-git.corp.google.com/g/157065

Bug: 5449033
Change-Id: I00a4b904f9449e6f93b7fd35eac28640d7929e69
e2c2f9213f936f98db604dc9c126ff22f725a824 06-Oct-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Force a repaint when hwc invalidate hook is called

without this prepare() would be called but not set() since the
dirty region is empty.

Change-Id: I038acfbdad4c16015357ccde4d1949391d6f989d
aebac5f34a098f733f887c993bd617a393e10db8 30-Sep-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> improve hwc log output

we now print the handle of each buffer

Change-Id: I70884ae458a9dcf10cfc403258d48eaa4618b7f4
fc60b94db9081adb4835bd44eacdd0573fc4d644 23-Sep-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix dumpsys wording for h/w composer

Change-Id: Iaa1094964f2fb83da491e23b9309f7690079c17e
9c6e297271ec9af9d974242d89cfa08cb6ceaa0a 21-Sep-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix transition from full overlays to fb

we need to clear the whole framebuffer in that situation because
we can't trust the content of the FB when partial (fb preserving)
updates are used.

Bug: 5318492

Change-Id: I3f0e01b0fb665a34e44d88ad9f0f54a5d990060b
fb4d5d5726c172adbe62341d99a2148685a98379 21-Sep-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> improve hwc dumpsys

we now log the buffer's format

Change-Id: I9d3ad8018e884240a153de3baefb6331cb014d0f
22da60c3e64cd57535cbba063c07127814a2b52f 09-Sep-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Improve SF dumpsys output wrt HWC

Change-Id: Ibdb7930fa3b521bfd3f44750ed98cfd75f9a01fe
7ee4cd5556cef1878e1d4729f1b389f186311027 02-Sep-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix a bug that caused the off animation to not show sometimes

this happened when the overlays were in use, since the animation
is rendered in the FB and the FB is not used.

we now have a way to turn hwc off temporarily.

Change-Id: I3385f0c25bb9cc91948e7b26e7cd31ed18c36ace
c7d14e247117392fbd44aa454622778a25c076ae 02-Aug-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Add a h/w composer API to allow the HAL to trigger a redraw

This is useful in various situations, for instance if the HAL
wants to change its compositing strategy.

Bug: 4488017
Change-Id: I5afc14e5917c6db7926d7417d48677d5aba50caa
1d21a9cafc534c34a2f28c985c4c7aa176d0e67b 02-Dec-2010 Erik Gilling <konkers@android.com> surfaceflinger: add support for gralloc dump hooks

Change-Id: Ib6f539ed0132b70d040d653c03d52cc04249ac3c
58959343dbdb6157fa5f5463262d4842b8954353 07-Oct-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Fix a null dereference

Change-Id: I3df446b90c1607782778749de7ba0f8c00698c33
8372785879d329f592f6883620b5a32d80d74691 24-Sep-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> dump HWC state in dumpsys

Change-Id: Ifbb38ca1ac9685776250e01c8d02021b35af72cf
f5f2712854599b4970643c6000fe6ae950a08ba9 09-Sep-2010 Antti Hatala <ahatala@nvidia.com> surfaceflinger: give hwcomposer a chance to release buffers

Change-Id: I605fa779702022865dd58df3b36f37c2644ade36
45721773e1a68e96da4b6cc04cef276bae7ca3e9 13-Aug-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Fix a couple issues with the new hwcomposer HAL

- we now clear the framebuffer upon request from the HAL
- the HAL list size could get out of sync with reality
- there was also an issue where sometime we could run past the list

Change-Id: Ic3a34314aed24181f2d8cc787096af83c046ef27
f1352df47fe20aed23c216a78923c7d248f2bb91 12-Aug-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> should fix sim build, hopefully

Change-Id: I5390bd34dcca36fef43b5169386fff1b04cc842b
a350ff98692b3a50cad5cc93f9f83221242ca86a 11-Aug-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> call into hwcomposer HAL when present

Change-Id: I70f31c69a9436a43860e78977442863ecba6d27b