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ef472ec40a0fbb0ef96b79bef846f20b73da4971 02-Apr-2014 Ruchi Kandoi <kandoiruchi@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: send VSYNC power hints to IPowerManager

VSYNC power hints are now sent via binder to IPowerManager.
SurfaceFlinger no longer loads a second copy of the PowerHAL.
VSYNC power hints are sent in batches and not on per frame basis.

Change-Id: Ia5a839ab3c857cffae7089f810b4315d4ed23fcf
4098f03d5c9fb8522279ca04da70bec6793b2caa 05-Apr-2014 Ruchi Kandoi <kandoiruchi@google.com> Revert "SurfaceFlinger: send VSYNC power hints to IPowerManager"

This reverts commit d469a1c3285b974cf2637517cc25727da8f82668.
d469a1c3285b974cf2637517cc25727da8f82668 02-Apr-2014 Ruchi Kandoi <kandoiruchi@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: send VSYNC power hints to IPowerManager

VSYNC power hints are now sent via binder to IPowerManager.
SurfaceFlinger no longer loads a second copy of the PowerHAL.
VSYNC power hints are sent in batches and not on per frame basis.

Change-Id: Icc2eee5df56135bd24dc244a84e7c12dd5511fec
faf77cce9d9ec0238d6999b3bd0d40c71ff403c5 31-Jul-2013 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: SW-based vsync events

This change adds the DispSync class, which models the hardware vsync event
times to allow vsync event callbacks to be done at an arbitrary phase offset
from the hardware vsync. This can be used to reduce the minimum latency from
Choreographer wake-up to on-screen image presentation.

Bug: 10624956
Change-Id: I8c7a54ceacaa4d709726ed97b0dcae4093a7bdcf
9e663de4fe1dcc872373ee530c60a375624671c3 16-Aug-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Use new HWC display type/count constants.

Change-Id: I774d0c68906ac6dc69268f708c30a6b0868b8816
5c876fa6b2a75ccfa7efe97b5f660b9c19d280e0 12-Jul-2013 Saurabh Shah <saurshah@codeaurora.org> SurfaceFlinger: EventThread: Fix Vsync array size.

Vsync array size is specified as HWC_DISPLAY_TYPES_SUPPORTED whose
value luckily happens to be 2. That enum is actually used for querying
hwc for the number of displays supported.

The implementation file EventThread.cpp correctly accesses the array

Change-Id: I36e3f0913e7d6fda7bbf4449c1fb32c7f18bb934
Signed-off-by: Amara Venkata Mastan Manoj Kumar<manojavm@codeaurora.org>
Signed-off-by: Saurabh Shah <saurshah@codeaurora.org>
74d211ae26a0257c6075a823812e40b55aa1e653 22-Apr-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> clean-up/simplify all dump() APIs

remove the scratch buffer parameter and use
String8::appendFormat() instead.

Change-Id: Ib96c91617c8e7292de87433d15cf6232b7d591b0
ff28e201ec0c6d620eaaa29814ab52958487dc31 21-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Display events now always carry the display id they happened on

Change-Id: I12de1d883c23927722bc3a71b782f0079de4e831
148994e5f33ce240ff24ceb5bc0500b7f2001959 20-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> We now report hotplug events to the framework

Change-Id: I2d6b7787d39e5929485a551e4982498c5053c211
ae2cfb5746e87f1bf17c446e20274c41ce0a57ce 13-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Minor tweaks

A couple of minor cleanups I stumbled over while looking at other

Change-Id: I385ecfe1afefd577afbc59d7ef1d98d868073651
3ee454a7bef8bd3d1c9cdd9d17108eb80ebadf2a 28-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Eradicate DisplayID.

DisplayDevices are now keyed of the wp<IBinder> the client uses.
DisplayID has now become DisplayType which is just used to identify
physical displays (as opposed to virtual displays such as wifi displays).

Change-Id: I0c5968f2c902dcd699a7e0afacf833ff070c12ea
f6bbd44a23c2791277db7814a894633de04cd460 22-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> simplify further vsync handling

- we now clean-up "dead" connection in the main loop,
this entirely avoid the problem with the side effects of
releasing strong references. We now only hold on to strong
reference for the connection we will signal.

- also simplify how we build the list of "ready" connections, by
only adding them to the list when we did receive a vsync event

Change-Id: I2a84da431320a2af8e8a93e07622a1d258236f43
a4cb35a2864d58e9a764a17623e15ab25a9964a0 21-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix various issues in SF's EventThread

- one issues caused most timestamps to be reported as 0
- on rare occasions an uninitialized variable could be used
- vsync counts per connection were accessed unthreadsafely

we now have 2 lists of connections in the main loop, one just
keeps a list of strong refs to the connections because once
we have a strong ref we're not allowed to release it while
holding the lock.

the 2nd list holds the connections that have a vsync event to
be reported. all the calculations are made with the lock held.

Change-Id: Iacfad3745b05df79d9ece3719bd4c34ddbfd5b83
10125f00a50d3edd05deef9fcd2d368cf2766683 18-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Fix deadlock in SF.

problem was that we were acquiring a strong reference
on Connection object with a lock held, when those
got out of scope (lock still held) their dtor
could be called if all other refs had dropped,
the dtor would acquire the lock again to
remove the Connection from the main list. boom.

we rearange the code so this doesn't happen.

Bug: 6942208

Change-Id: I0a0ebabce2842d29d60d645b64aac2f26640e59b
0f2f5ff75b7b48ceb64270655ee6b62d09bf4d00 01-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> rename DisplayHardware to DisplayDevice

Change-Id: I3f7250cd914e0da4f9ec2c9403587bbe12f3cc62
8630320433bd15aca239522e54e711ef6372ab07 25-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> split HWComposer out of DisplayHardware

we will only ever have a single instance of HWComposer, so
it's now an attribute of SurfaceFlinger, instead of being part
of DisplayHardware.

DisplayHardware now just represents a "display" (it should be renamed).

Change-Id: Iec191e57686868e1df6daa8b880a286c9fefde56
921e6ac4b7610a178285898d191eb0e3afe906c0 24-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> SurfaceFlinger cleanup

mostly refactored SurfaceFlinger.h, but also removed dead code.
cleaned-up a few includes as well.

Change-Id: Ib15f4ffe567912b61ee98aa076c6a283b72811b5
1b03149f3533db04e72e088d3fdd09d0087ca594 21-Jun-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> get rid of GraphicPlane

its functionality is now folded into DisplayHardware
there will be more changes in that area.
22ffb117b0c2a906bd04aef9738a52223cdd1dce 11-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> make sure to disable VSYNC while screen is off

Change-Id: If1894c43b0a39a2851e1280a35ae77bccd6d9abd
e2c4f4ec23b735dd2a03f4ea8b08b288a1bb04e8 11-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Added vsync debugging information in dumpsys log

Change-Id: I20ef05a73d89caaf6a70dc9ca25ada6e6a1f6ff9
3eb38cb33e41ce40dd1094bdec850f0fca9f8a53 04-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> SurfaceFlinger now uses the new VSYNC HAL API.

If h/w composer doesn't support vsync (version < 0.3) we
"fake" it with a timer.

Change-Id: I1e3be79f43c9631d1293ad7d6cf52f9bfc42d65b
cb9732a951d20cacb7ebe2dab132b5738226b1b6 04-Apr-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> refactor / simplify EventThread

Change-Id: I3981c6fba93b7b985174b2a7045e24db2c0b4428
8aedd4737d6ce8548d2fd5def65b1e1737283821 25-Jan-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> SF now synchronizes to VSYNC

Change-Id: Ic5e4f2ea9927ce133eef9499c03161325e9d02c5
478ae5eb5a0047e1b2988c896cff6363b455ee50 07-Dec-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Improve the VSYNC api a bit.

- add the ability to set the vsync delivery rate, when the rate is
set to N>1 (ie: receive every N vsync), SF process' is woken up for
all of vsync, but clients only see the every N events.

- add the concept of one-shot vsync events, with a call-back
to request the next one. currently the call-back is a binder IPC.

Change-Id: I09f71df0b0ba0d88ed997645e2e2497d553c9a1b
23748668d33ac850e64d87e25ac4cc78679c9384 05-Dec-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix a deadlock when removing a DisplayEventConnection

the deadlock would happen when the pipe became invalid and SF
trying to remove the connection from its list.

we know make sure to process events without holding a lock.

Change-Id: I39927ed8824fc7811e16db3c7608a2ebc72d9642
d0566bc26fcf6ca396118701fa11900b627f2c09 18-Nov-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Add support for sending VSYNC events to the framework

use gui/DisplayEvent to receive the events. Events are
dispatched through a unix pipe, so the API is compatible
with utils/Looper. see gui/DisplayEvent.h for more info.

Bug: 1475048
Change-Id: Ia720f64d1b950328b47b22c6a86042e481d35f09