History log of /frameworks/rs/rsSampler.h
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3abc05bba372af0f6f89e54071f87777f5efeb49 16-Mar-2013 Ling Wan <lingw@codeaurora.org> Add Sampler custom alloc/delete

Change-Id: I8c867d26d5ff175c1d7c47e15151f0556484c42f
e3150cfb3edb028407669e4a65e087eae77e718c 25-Jul-2012 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Plumb context through for serialization.

Change-Id: I2a49f57aa7576604deeac898a7cceb36ae68d66f
e23d239828a229eb7d4d33c9630070f0a87833e1 09-Mar-2012 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Starting to untangle header spaghetti.

Change-Id: I31f38d05dc8b55c659e8c7e9c0a87b94b9ac1db5
3715b00e7b10a2624c1d5c696186c7a2f4a75a91 17-Feb-2012 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Rename three header files to free namespace for api.

Change-Id: Ie9ef65a477373c30b2d5b02248f62e768b6f27ae
407f8ca5a1cd2269dba356f40ab32a5ff934a6a2 24-Sep-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Adding getter functions for script side RS objects.
Multiproject change involving on device linker

Change-Id: I321e8caa6ca23b3fe2c96c78cdcfc15e51f88823
c700e649ca44d0dcff8b271e42d949ea72fe3c63 16-Aug-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Fixing asynchronous performance issues.

Change-Id: I10f02cd37a33a6c655814d24e0a4291dc044fba3
7f126c78a107257090c6675ea40ffac41516a9dc 06-May-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Moving samplers behind the hal.

Change-Id: I494e5a9d2b599d07b985328b346f1f10ae4972e1
c2c02a88641620f50a69cc174077ac8bbef40478 05-May-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Code Cleanup and better Sampler creation method

Change-Id: I9e35081ee6034cb619f43a47f8f22f38977f5d12
afb743aca56c18beb7ab924e75cb6e070ef3e55a 10-Nov-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Code cleanup to make formatting consistent
across all the renderscript files.

Change-Id: Idf5fcc60877e44c8f074f7176e37f70b3b895a3c
1103d8eade6af4f373ba143752cab2344893babf 30-Sep-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Adding anisotropic filtering and related samples.

Change-Id: Idb173274417feb5e25bfd64c5e9fa2492a23a17e
900f1616bf33c7ba13cf2a737832a95bcd176388 17-Sep-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Cleanup GL setup code and remove legacy 1.1 paths.
Reset pointers to NULL when allocations are unbound.

Change-Id: Ifaba634ecbb154970b7fb47faa8e6475d16d2f66
b825f67adb5d1e1751fe108e6dbf9c6f2555c283 04-Jun-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Creating the jni and java layer to integrate a3d

Change-Id: I438359633bae59bf9188cd2c4664a92ca16c5f37
fb6b614bcea88a587a7ea4530be45ff0ffa0210e 21-May-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Removed unnecessary change based on comments.
Now using android utils lib.
collada_to_a3d seems to work with android util libs.
Integrating old changelist
Changing assert to rsAssrt in VertexArray
making context compile.
Change-Id: I33890defa777f09253bfab630d97782359ec49d7

Added serialization code to rsLib
Integrated old changelist
Change-Id: Ie4746113f6d1817fbb3264f97fdddde25b779311

Added serialization code to rsLib

Change-Id: Ie4746113f6d1817fbb3264f97fdddde25b779311
ef21edcc70fc2734a3dc7995d3c3af1f90d16ef8 23-Feb-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> beging np2 extension check work.
3eb28f07ab726a2e73063b95729abc191103b432 27-Jan-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Fix some minor bugs with GL state setup that were exposed by Droids driver.
e514b45de8561fbc6ef6770845102ca10b0a69d7 25-Sep-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Improve renderscript context teardown. Track object in the system and then force their cleanup by releasing all user references once destroy context is called. Java layer will no longer send destroy notifications for objects garbage collected once a context is destroyed.
1aa5a4eb81b8b88aeb5d2b6f4c47356fd0a62923 23-Jun-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Cleanup includes so Log.h can use the tag. rsUtils.h is the file that should be included everywhere and contain rs global defines.
326e0ddf89e8df2837752fbfd7a014814b32082c 22-May-2009 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Add the Renderscript library. (Not in the build by default yet.)

This library can be used to create animated 3D User Interfaces.

This library is currently under heavy development, so it's not part of
the build by default.

In order to build this library, you must define


in your build environment.

You will also have to manually edit


And add libRS and libRS_jni at the end like this (exact address may change.)

libRS.so 0x9A100000
libRS_jni.so 0x9A000000