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a36c50a6ab87f4c9049318d4c6c8ec7b0a1e6e12 17-Jun-2014 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Add 64bit large object support

Add HAL hooks for filling in LO fields.

Change-Id: Ib9bdee714a062de519d2a9708c1016404a1b11a4

4b3c34e6833e39bc89c2128002806b654b8e623d 11-Jun-2014 Chris Wailes <chriswailes@google.com> Adds support for multi-input kernels to Frameworks/RS.

This patch modifies Frameworks/RS in the following ways:
* Adjusted the data-layout of the C/C++ version of RsForEachStubParamStruct to
accommodate a pointer to an array of input allocations and a pointer to an
array of stride sizes for each of these allocatoins.
* Adds a new code path for Java code to pass multiple allocations to a RS
* Packs base pointers and step values for multi-input kernels into the new
RsForEachStubParamStruct members.

Change-Id: I46d2834c37075b2a2407fd8b010546818a4540d1
f0a5078aaf6426e5524a847a0b17d09570fc00b8 25-Jun-2014 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Fix one last use of size_t instead of uint32_t.

Change-Id: I2d351be87fa09ce0fe3f1953e78cba399e5792b0
c78839b5bbcffae7d64a5a1c9aa60c9a4c5d3918 11-Sep-2013 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Detect use of RS objects in kernels to disable a ScriptGroup optimization.

Bug: 10394865

This change disables a ScriptGroup optimization when we can't guarantee
that there is no implicit ordering between two kernels. In this case, it
is possible to communicate between kernels using the same bound global
RS object (like Allocation). A subsequent kernel in the ScriptGroup could
accidentally pick up stale data, leading to incorrect results.

Now, we disable this optimization whenever we see binds/sets of variables
that are potentiall RS object types for a given Script/kernel. This is
overly conservative, but sufficient for now.

This change also fixes a small issue with preLaunch/postLaunch missing for
the default ScriptGroup execution case.

Change-Id: I0d19d200cc8dc397d68008a4df6ea423b1e4d04f
47935ac8e3dd619f758abd576605a564e33bb59c 17-Jun-2013 Tobias Grosser <grosser@google.com> Add the name of the forEach functions to the tracing output

Instead of showing up as 'runForEach', kernels are now e.g. printed as

The String8 is carefully constructed here, such that we only pay
the string processing overhead in case tracing is actually enabled.

Change-Id: Id18319e271a02cbe888bcb9fe806794007d00fca
9c64239ebbfa4170190ede812e69150035e008e0 11-Apr-2013 Tim Murray <timmurray@google.com> Add support for synchronous get().

Change-Id: Ic94f1e36f7cffaaeda11fa9f0bb70e441fe1e535
93eacc7ce0aad4314b4cb41a281f59ce54bb3286 18-Dec-2012 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Cleanup diff with compat.

Change-Id: Ieedcdec03ccb05cac68cbebbd398e07cb885f4d3
709a0978ae141198018ca9769f8d96292a8928e6 16-Nov-2012 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Separate CPU driver impl from reference driver.

Change-Id: Ifb484edda665959b81d7b1f890d108bfa20a535d
dbe66d6783c1e53cd1572de0ef6ef6fdf6f76f48 17-Sep-2012 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Add backed for script groups.

Change-Id: If2fdbde7381fcdaeb54d41a913b855fd83d4f186
2980f07d3dbbca727e8efe24ace7e7928a935648 10-Apr-2012 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Support additional element/dim information for FieldPacker.


Change-Id: I3c439559d61b24b26f9a36f2525f0a0e05b00e77
4419977d78018a9933c7f455fe001f644f2d638b 22-Feb-2012 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Support running ForEach on non-root functions.


Change-Id: Ie2b16893b150cc5955ee4b9d028c988f69a82744
1415ca46b289604fd727310e4f6ae3c8c68276c9 27-Nov-2011 Logan Chien <loganchien@google.com> Remove dead code.

Change-Id: I2838a40026291e7345b07911af3ba17278b63ffe
77020c5248ca0921d7d24fb60dec5105ba39026c 22-Nov-2011 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Fix script init error handling.

Change-Id: I7ceb0af4dfd12db0274985ff658f678d7af829ff
d2432b9691869b5b40a5b49c682c40d917ea9dcb 10-Nov-2011 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Fix setTimeZone() and use it properly in RSTest/rstime.


The original implementation for rsi_ScriptSetTimeZone() never actually did
anything with the bytes received. This change allows it to safely update the
timezone. RSTest is also updated to call setTimeZone(), so that users in
different timezones can accurately get test results.

Change-Id: I6cb1b3a0c3a417749ba39e0fe09cc9c7ab65c2e7
4ee16ffbd9d1d72e1757c9b26715597fdc044117 01-Sep-2011 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Call .rs.dtor() when tearing down Scripts.


This allows us to properly reference count any globals (static or extern) that
need to potentially be cleaned up.

Change-Id: I03d2c38c1e7a4ca96c40003d2eeecb6f395d5835
b81a0eb8180791e4eaab1253b59fa8bd562b046b 03-Jun-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> More work to make libRS buildable on the host.

Change-Id: I239585ef7c1334f7fc19fa6423535dea7b9a753f
87fe59a2f4d4c74539bfa0bff5f9a7e320e99415 21-Apr-2011 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Create runtime stubs for compute driver.

Change-Id: I8e0250a642844a2ad3ff6efc38e385445b7da032
bad807405b2b9764372af1ad24bcfd4fb1f33d8e 17-Mar-2011 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Start seperating out RS compute implementation. Create hal
layer to seperate from runtime.

Change-Id: Idf5c1261be4131690d25c15948e98324e979b4f9
a5eb6e17c08426deeedf989d6be280d89662ee82 17-Nov-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Fix ref counting for globals when set from java code.

Change-Id: I415b6ddeaab277e60233e905a6bae357cd5193eb
afb743aca56c18beb7ab924e75cb6e070ef3e55a 10-Nov-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Code cleanup to make formatting consistent
across all the renderscript files.

Change-Id: Idf5fcc60877e44c8f074f7176e37f70b3b895a3c
700ba38f022208686523ab4280c4fc9f102aa273 09-Oct-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Removing fixed size arrays.

Change-Id: I5c65b29a197013de2517cfb6dbe7abb9e24a688b
dd663fa8367bfacb6c77b368f91adf614cd0beba 11-Aug-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Thread launch strategies.

Change-Id: I506df786e815205a8e51906c2b517302c1ef2471
ef5867a6785807f90cfe8af26da4b964ee8ebee4 28-Jul-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Cleanup sendToClient and add rsGetDt().
Remove legacy implemtation of matrix calls which were moved to llvm bc.

Change-Id: I527740590067db3bcb2147233ef41fb057f1d2a8
ace3e01f07252ee0fa47fcf1ac48864d8220b90e 16-Jul-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> 1st cut of ForEach and test.

Change-Id: I6534569c8d26db8b9691666134a555c8bf94184e
c61346b91434307c5003029017b54ce9c49112be 29-May-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Rough implemetation of ForEach.
Remove launchID from root graphics script.

Change-Id: I9f80c0d4df1264f2ee1624a6d7216b9dfdf8502e
22fa371bf64b8aae786acfe5d711af21afb13a93 20-May-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Begin naming cleanup for renderscript runtime.
Prefix functions with "rs" or "rsg".

Change-Id: I4435b486831bfab1ea473ccfad435b404e68f1c9
ccc010bb7c0f89e162bf60033968a20be90a903a 14-May-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Rename ProgramFragmentStore to ProgramStore.

Change-Id: Ia8ad9ac856944838ced38a2f1e8f07387050bdfd
be36bf3a76481737a7fa606a04144ceef80eb4f2 11-May-2010 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Convert renderscript from using ACC to LLVM for its compiler.

This will also require application to be updated to support
the new compiler and data passing models.

Change-Id: If078e3a5148af395ba1b936169a407d8c3ad727f
2dca84dd6c07992f78ad050177975f16486dd77e 09-Dec-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Throttle low priority RS threads by sleeping once per frame to avoid starving other apps.
e402ed33486730f1d06f080cdfc48132bf612b3a 03-Nov-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Fix RS bugs. We were holding a pointer to the script text from the java vm. Move freeing of objects to before context teardown to allow allocations to clean up their data.
b681c8af69ef6938c80dd5cc5fc920db94ee9f43 29-Sep-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Fix but processing raster state pragma.
rename stateFragmentStore to stateStore
e514b45de8561fbc6ef6770845102ca10b0a69d7 25-Sep-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Improve renderscript context teardown. Track object in the system and then force their cleanup by releasing all user references once destroy context is called. Java layer will no longer send destroy notifications for objects garbage collected once a context is destroyed.
ada7f272890d8791bc518c95989ad7d13050834d 24-Sep-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Fix invokables to make sure script pointers are setup before invoking function calls. Reduce app startup time up to 1s.
8c6bc6930d4996b897de8e5113da4a4efae2310c 17-Sep-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Implement renderscript Invokables.
90b36a88cf0cc549b296ac15a249ea7786c6de9e 17-Aug-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Update fountain and add writable flag to script slots.
fa51719e6c1bd17b3f347477b4827face9ab647e 13-Aug-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Implement named slots and convert script.addType to script.setType to remove ordering restrictions.
8b2c065dfc16c148e2829a19e83d2269b9bcd4cc 13-Aug-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Implement reflecting Java objects into the ACC enviroment.
98e10fd7438f2e925e7fb5c2ec97c1f8cc583634 31-Jul-2009 Romain Guy <romainguy@android.com> First pass at implementing the Grass live wallpaper in RenderScript.

This change also adds second(), minute() and hour() to the RS library.
56bc1af0a040b003164e3394f1c7a277b15e7d85 17-Jun-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Switch fountain to use ProgramVertex rather than hard coded camers in scripts. Remove camera code from scripts.
a0a1b6fbece2eb8d72d788422ab3e5f58d5a9216 11-Jun-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Add named objects and implement support for ProgramFragmentStore and ProgramFragment to be used by name in scripts.
1030893d9b99b72468034da13df025bda479bb97 09-Jun-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> checkpoint pragma support. Includes more cleanup of script enviroment storage to keep the env settings in the base and only the per language state in ScriptC.
928b734b2fbba0800567c8b7e686bcf5f45483cc 09-Jun-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Move placement of script enviroment data to base.
a44cb29164726cd9d812117819abdd7b60dfdd93 05-Jun-2009 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Add support for scripts to return an animation flag. This allows them to indicate they are generating changing content and the rs thread to sleep if the content is static.
326e0ddf89e8df2837752fbfd7a014814b32082c 22-May-2009 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Add the Renderscript library. (Not in the build by default yet.)

This library can be used to create animated 3D User Interfaces.

This library is currently under heavy development, so it's not part of
the build by default.

In order to build this library, you must define


in your build environment.

You will also have to manually edit


And add libRS and libRS_jni at the end like this (exact address may change.)

libRS.so 0x9A100000
libRS_jni.so 0x9A000000