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Revision Date Author Comments (<<< Hide modified files) (Show modified files >>>)
469286122bcbbecbdd0bef74fb50f9d8920e77b9 02-Sep-2014 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Add dynamic Drawable tinting to appcompat

Brings the res folder down to 297kB from 435kB,
saving > 30% of disk space (compressed).

Change-Id: Ia64ceacb5afed7f17203ff17ce5eaa990d58be7c
ac00a989afc2f1c559fc33174f481a0a0ef5b3d8 01-Sep-2014 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Backport Toolbar framework updates to appcompat

BUG: 17253638
BUG: 17305707
BUG: 17298370

Change-Id: Ic4f876565f7da93b166c52d4a206f86ae78d5ca7
9038afb70d70650d87659bb252181ca8645670b8 06-Aug-2014 Chris Craik <ccraik@google.com> add getOutline support to RoundedBitmapDrawable


Change-Id: I8427ac646091e33eaa2ed567fb656b1a4ea267a7
49c78900da0d43140fb602431fb93212bd7f6c70 15-Jul-2014 Chris Banes <chrisbanes@google.com> Update internal Action Bar implementation to L

This CL brings all of the internal widgets and helpers
for the Action Bar up to date with L. We now only use the
unbundled ActionBar/ToolBar implementation. This is to ease
integration and make styling simpler.

Change-Id: I267c9ee90b5707d997910c57242e26130f2dbcf8