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51fff92784c3837f6be6344bb25621f129959de6 04-Aug-2014 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Rename the WebView package.

Rename the WebView package from "webviewchromium" to "webview", removing
the dummy webview package which existed solely to depend on
webviewchromium. We no longer require this layer of abstraction and it
makes it impossible to inherit from webviewchromium correctly.

Bug: 16329371
Change-Id: I1437c7cacb867b2f2d10842a1b9c10aa5c4791e2
7d71762c9c19fecd582fc64b63270c216b5de19a 12-Sep-2013 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Remove the classic WebView from the build.

Remove the dependency from the dummy "webview" module to libwebcore now
that webviewchromium is being used instead.

Bug: 10427705
Change-Id: I5a489b2b353f0d0fa862ab47ec28f75c09fdcffc
(cherry picked from commit 64e5b2d4d918724baaa4182309d8b02e7aa075e3)
e9cac3ca0e6fe66ff5bcb31b7443737ebd775225 11-Jun-2013 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Enable building webviewchromium on MIPS.

Bug: 9384563
Change-Id: I3c5c7ef32485bdab90a6122002c9116b94e76100
9bf6038aae13d5b9b4ac202efa046735646f4c5c 19-Apr-2013 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Revert "Disable building on Mac again."

Mac builds are now fine.
This reverts commit bd30019ef43699a933f5965a5e078bb1a15aa8b8.

Bug: 8326522
bd30019ef43699a933f5965a5e078bb1a15aa8b8 18-Mar-2013 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Disable building on Mac again.

Mac builds are still broken; turn them off again until someone can
investigate this manually on a mac.

Bug: 8326522
Change-Id: I3a3b901164e8becf3dd732be8dc2f81f7dff4d38
4cd5b417e632944c16061c086b637eb1a6dffcb1 11-Mar-2013 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Disable webviewchromium on MIPS.

We don't generate MIPS makefiles yet, so for now just disable the build
on that platform.

Change-Id: Iaa53a6058e6e19a0fe9e7ad5fcb69a8687dafe5d
ece6e461209efdbe0efca59cca9056cfc505b65c 26-Feb-2013 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Allow webviewchromium to be built on all platforms.

We have working makefiles for x86 and mac hosts now, so allow
webviewchromium to build by default on all platforms.

Bug: 7556801

Change-Id: Iba945dec097a657e354fd5788b96cdfb96bde9d7
4c41d0c5e4434c0cd0f05f03f71101ea90626b22 21-Nov-2012 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Disable building webviewchromium on Mac for now.

We need separate gyp-generated makefiles, or a better solution, to be
able to build on Mac. Disable it unless HOST_OS is linux for now.

Change-Id: I5e57f9886ecbe61aa36178804a8e54e84b5e069a
994b888d1fa75dc62853245a6d06158c02c7f4ab 16-Nov-2012 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Only build webviewchromium on ARM for now.

There are build system issues with x86 that need to be resolved; until
everything is fixed, only depend on and load the makefiles for
webviewchromium on ARM platforms.

Change-Id: Ibd246c14b405a9a91137043e19baddfe05eb0467
a05566067d5a010130b0b1aa36eb0d7b3f73e122 23-Oct-2012 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Add webviewchromium as a dependency of webview.

For now we want to include both the classic and chromium-powered
webviews in the rom, so depend on both here. We also need to include
the makefiles in the subdirectories of frameworks/webview, and have
the webviewchromium module pull in the native code and resources from

Change-Id: Iebf83ad86de6204143336f1977c88bf7d487dbae
68f3ce2aabdf9e8249dc031c4d4586af85c4be55 31-Oct-2012 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Create a phony "webview" module.

Add a "webview" module which can be used to depend on the components of
the appropriate system WebView implementation without other modules
needing to know which that is. For now, just depend on libwebcore; the
Java code for the classic WebView is currently part of the framework.

Change-Id: I9b4adabdeeeb8f710a8278953f06d7f9cf9acc19