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f8b3141926967ba37d315cc8d3956d7214958e6b 15-May-2014 Paul McLean <pmclean@google.com> Initial Implementation of new NDK effect interfaces

Support for Acousic Echo Cancellation, Automatic Gain
Control and NoiseSuppression effects on AudioRecorder

Change-Id: I85dcb988f59dacaaed540737018b8f629efeaad3
60ca9f9ef02f6e486c3338cb811f603dd7825c05 29-Aug-2011 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Rename Android buffer queue GUID for future sink

This change will make it easier to have Android buffer queue as a sink in
the future. For backwards source code compatibility with beta developers,
retain the old name temporarily. As soon as they have switched to the
new name, we will remove the old name.

- did not rename the data locators and interface struct,
as they can be shared across both source and sink
- did not rename the member field mAndroidBufferQueue in
CAudioPlayer / CMediaPlayer as that would be a huge change;
can do that later if necessary
- the SINK definition will be added later when needed

Change-Id: I36dc01050efb99d4d7802b2ca2b870f4d978ee21
a361b51914aeb5f8f65c7ecad719d1e01f90913b 04-Apr-2011 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Add basis for future OpenMAX AL 1.0.1 interfaces

Bug fix:
OpenMAX AL media player was using SL instead of XA symbols for the Object
and DynamicInterfaceManagement interfaces. A Object::GetInterface using
the XA symbols would have failed. Fortunately, these are not used in
typical applications.

Minor cleanup:
- Add README.txt for mphtogen tool
- Fix clang warning
- Update comments
- Remove spurious commas
- Fix warning at declaration of SL_IID_array
- SL_IID_ANDROIDBUFFERQUEUE was added in API level 12, not 10

Change-Id: I75abced5bc3c3fdabe40face25463810de741bf2
37dc2fccf3f122b79ebd554de209d0a3c94ae161 09-Mar-2011 Jean-Michel Trivi <jmtrivi@google.com> Bug 3329759 Implement streamInformation and volume in OpenMAX AL

- Implement StreamInformation for video size notification.
- Implement the XAVolumeItf for volume control
- Fix bug in GUID -> MPH hash.
- Fixed typo in GenericPlayer::pause() log
- Do not signal a discontinuity automatically when the ABQ is
cleared because clearing the queue doesn't imply there will
be a discontinuity in the data (e.g. the same data that was
cleared could be reenqueued)
- In "native-media" test app: add test code to exercise the
XAVolumeItf functionality.

Change-Id: I9f69f8cacbdce51b6d96d60141ec1d0f645df991
8ca039e1f9d95f8b14a59e135426882e3470e9d9 16-Jan-2011 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Re-build the autogen files

Change-Id: Ifd6f97a61168833ae34e8df8f6a6a79df9a9bcd5
262059f71a68edc5e510427c63f5f1623d3672a8 12-Jan-2011 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Directory re-organization

Change-Id: I8e3f12a22e765d36ddefd87edf204735b25474f6