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40  * GLConsumer consumes buffers of graphics data from a BufferQueue,
43 * A typical usage pattern is to set up the GLConsumer with the
54 class GLConsumer : public ConsumerBase {
59 // GLConsumer constructs a new GLConsumer object. If the constructor with
67 // A GLConsumer may be detached from one OpenGL ES context and then
70 // purely to allow a GLConsumer to be transferred from one consumer
74 // If the constructor with the tex parameter is used, the GLConsumer is
82 // If the constructor without the tex parameter is used, the GLConsumer is
85 GLConsumer(const sp<IGraphicBufferConsumer>& bq,
89 GLConsumer(const sp<IGraphicBufferConsumer>& bq, uint32_t texureTarget,
131 // a GLConsumer to apply this transform we avoid performing an extra
194 // set the name of the GLConsumer that will be used to identify it in
204 // detachFromContext detaches the GLConsumer from the calling thread's
208 // Detaching a GLConsumer from an OpenGL ES context will result in the
210 // streamed. After a GLConsumer has been detached from the OpenGL ES
212 // until the GLConsumer is attached to a new OpenGL ES context using the
216 // attachToContext attaches a GLConsumer that is currently in the
217 // 'detached' state to the current OpenGL ES context. A GLConsumer is
221 // GLConsumer that is not in the 'detached' state will result in an
237 // dumpLocked overrides the ConsumerBase method to dump GLConsumer-
357 // The default consumer usage flags that GLConsumer always sets on its
359 // from the GLConsumer user. In particular, GLConsumer will always
424 // GLConsumer maintains about a BufferQueue buffer slot.
438 // mEglDisplay is the EGLDisplay with which this GLConsumer is currently
444 // mEglContext is the OpenGL ES context with which this GLConsumer is