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H A Dandroid_view_InputQueue.h28 * Declare a concrete type for the NDK's AInputQueue forward declaration
30 struct AInputQueue{ struct
35 class InputQueue : public AInputQueue, public MessageHandler {
H A Dinput.h802 struct AInputQueue;
803 typedef struct AInputQueue AInputQueue; typedef in typeref:struct:AInputQueue
809 void AInputQueue_attachLooper(AInputQueue* queue, ALooper* looper,
815 void AInputQueue_detachLooper(AInputQueue* queue);
822 int32_t AInputQueue_hasEvents(AInputQueue* queue);
828 int32_t AInputQueue_getEvent(AInputQueue* queue, AInputEvent** outEvent);
838 int32_t AInputQueue_preDispatchEvent(AInputQueue* queue, AInputEvent* event);
844 void AInputQueue_finishEvent(AInputQueue* queue, AInputEvent* event, int handled);

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