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H A DBitTube.h32 class BitTube : public RefBase class in namespace:android
36 // creates a BitTube with a default (4KB) send buffer
37 BitTube();
39 // creates a BitTube with a a specified send and receive buffer size
40 explicit BitTube(size_t bufsize);
42 explicit BitTube(const Parcel& data);
43 virtual ~BitTube();
56 static ssize_t sendObjects(const sp<BitTube>& tube,
64 static ssize_t recvObjects(const sp<BitTube>& tube,
69 // parcels this BitTube
H A DBitTube.cpp28 #include <gui/BitTube.h>
38 BitTube::BitTube() function in class:android::BitTube
44 BitTube::BitTube(size_t bufsize) function in class:android::BitTube
50 BitTube::BitTube(const Parcel& data) function in class:android::BitTube
56 ALOGE("BitTube(Parcel): can't dup filedescriptor (%s)",
61 BitTube::~BitTube()

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