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H A DConsumerBase.h34 // ConsumerBase is a base class for BufferQueue consumer end-points. It
37 class ConsumerBase : public virtual RefBase, class in namespace:android
52 virtual ~ConsumerBase();
54 // abandon frees all the buffers and puts the ConsumerBase into the
55 // 'abandoned' state. Once put in this state the ConsumerBase can never
60 // from the perspective of the the ConsumerBase, if there are additional
65 // set the name of the ConsumerBase that will be used to identify it in
80 ConsumerBase(const ConsumerBase&);
81 void operator=(const ConsumerBase
H A DConsumerBase.cpp19 #define LOG_TAG "ConsumerBase"
33 #include <gui/ConsumerBase.h>
41 // Macros for including the ConsumerBase name in log messages
56 ConsumerBase::ConsumerBase(const sp<IGraphicBufferConsumer>& bufferQueue, bool controlledByApp) : function in class:android::ConsumerBase
71 CB_LOGE("ConsumerBase: error connecting to BufferQueue: %s (%d)",
78 ConsumerBase::~ConsumerBase() {
79 CB_LOGV("~ConsumerBase");
83 // be done by ConsumerBase

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