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H A DIBinder.h44 class IBinder : public virtual RefBase class in namespace:android
60 IBinder();
63 * Check if this IBinder implements the interface named by
70 * Return the canonical name of the interface provided by this IBinder
87 virtual void binderDied(const wp<IBinder>& who) = 0;
143 virtual ~IBinder();
H A DBinder.cpp31 IBinder::IBinder() function in class:android::IBinder
36 IBinder::~IBinder()
42 sp<IInterface> IBinder::queryLocalInterface(const String16& /*descriptor*/)
47 BBinder* IBinder::localBinder()
52 BpBinder* IBinder::remoteBinder()
57 bool IBinder::checkSubclass(const void* /*subclassID*/) const
233 BpRefBase::BpRefBase(const sp<IBinder>& o)
H A DIBinder.java29 * <p>The key IBinder API is {@link #transact transact()} matched by
31 * methods allow you to send a call to an IBinder object and receive a
42 * data is used to manage IBinder object references in the buffer, so that those
44 * mechanism ensures that when an IBinder is written into a Parcel and sent to
45 * another process, if that other process sends a reference to that same IBinder
47 * same IBinder object back. These semantics allow IBinder/Binder objects to
64 * handling that transaction calls transact() on an IBinder that is implemented
74 * {@link RemoteException} exception if you try to call it on an IBinder
79 * a {@link DeathRecipient} with the IBinder, whic
85 public interface IBinder { interface

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