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H A DIGraphicBufferProducer.h53 class IGraphicBufferProducer : public IInterface class in namespace:android
68 // the IGraphicBufferProducer implementation) assigns the newly created
369 // connect attempts to connect a client API to the IGraphicBufferProducer.
370 // This must be called before any other IGraphicBufferProducer methods are
374 // IGraphicBufferProducer and no corresponding disconnect call was made.
408 // IGraphicBufferProducer. Calling this method will cause any subsequent
409 // calls to other IGraphicBufferProducer methods to fail except for
413 // This method will fail if the the IGraphicBufferProducer is not currently
418 // Disconnecting from an abandoned IGraphicBufferProducer is legal and
428 // Attaches a sideband buffer stream to the IGraphicBufferProducer

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