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H A DMonitoredProducer.cpp108 void MonitoredProducer::allocateBuffers(bool async, uint32_t width, function in class:android::MonitoredProducer
110 mProducer->allocateBuffers(async, width, height, format, usage);
H A DIGraphicBufferProducer.cpp257 virtual void allocateBuffers(bool async, uint32_t width, uint32_t height, function in class:android::BpGraphicBufferProducer
268 ALOGE("allocateBuffers failed to transact: %d", result);
420 allocateBuffers(async, width, height, format, usage);
H A DBufferQueueProducer.cpp906 void BufferQueueProducer::allocateBuffers(bool async, uint32_t width, function in class:android::BufferQueueProducer
926 BQ_LOGE("allocateBuffers: slot %d without buffer is not FREE",
936 BQ_LOGV("allocateBuffers: allocating from %d buffers up to %d buffers",
942 BQ_LOGE("allocateBuffers: ran out of free slots");
959 BQ_LOGE("allocateBuffers: failed to allocate buffer (%u x %u, format"
978 BQ_LOGV("allocateBuffers: size/format/usage changed while allocating. Retrying.");
989 BQ_LOGV("allocateBuffers: slot %d was acquired while allocating. "
997 BQ_LOGV("allocateBuffers: allocated a new buffer in slot %d", slot);
H A DSurface.cpp96 void Surface::allocateBuffers() { function in class:android::Surface
99 mGraphicBufferProducer->allocateBuffers(mSwapIntervalZero, mReqWidth,
H A DSurface.java482 public void allocateBuffers() { method in class:Surface
H A DVirtualDisplaySurface.cpp519 void VirtualDisplaySurface::allocateBuffers(bool /* async */, function in class:android::VirtualDisplaySurface
H A DFLACExtractor.cpp104 void allocateBuffers();
632 void FLACParser::allocateBuffers() function in class:android::FLACParser
729 mParser->allocateBuffers();
H A DOMXCodec.cpp1580 err = allocateBuffers();
1608 status_t OMXCodec::allocateBuffers() { function in class:android::OMXCodec
H A DACodec.cpp279 status_t allocateBuffers();
5185 if ((err = allocateBuffers()) != OK) {
5196 status_t ACodec::LoadedToIdleState::allocateBuffers() { function in class:android::ACodec::LoadedToIdleState

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