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H A DBitcodeWrapper.cpp31 BitcodeWrapper::BitcodeWrapper(const char *bitcode, size_t bitcodeSize) argument
33 mBitcodeSize(bitcodeSize),
H A DBitcodeTranslator.cpp71 BitcodeTranslator::BitcodeTranslator(const char *bitcode, size_t bitcodeSize, argument
73 : mBitcode(bitcode), mBitcodeSize(bitcodeSize), mTranslatedBitcode(NULL),
H A DMetadataExtractor.cpp63 MetadataExtractor::MetadataExtractor(const char *bitcode, size_t bitcodeSize) argument
64 : mModule(NULL), mBitcode(bitcode), mBitcodeSize(bitcodeSize),
71 BitcodeWrapper wrapper(bitcode, bitcodeSize);
H A DMain.cpp203 size_t bitcodeSize = input_data->getBufferSize(); local
219 bitcodeSize, commandLine.c_str(), OptBCLibFilename.c_str(), NULL,
H A DBitcodeWrapper.h65 * \param bitcodeSize - length of \p bitcode string (in bytes).
67 BitcodeWrapper(const char *bitcode, size_t bitcodeSize);
120 * \param bitcodeSize - size of bitcode in bytes.
128 size_t bitcodeSize, uint32_t targetAPI, uint32_t compilerVersion,
137 wrapper->BitcodeSize = bitcodeSize;
127 writeAndroidBitcodeWrapper(AndroidBitcodeWrapper *wrapper, size_t bitcodeSize, uint32_t targetAPI, uint32_t compilerVersion, uint32_t optimizationLevel) argument
H A Dmain.cpp239 size_t bitcodeSize = statInFile.st_size; local
241 *bitcode = (const char*) calloc(1, bitcodeSize + 1);
242 size_t nread = fread((void*) *bitcode, 1, bitcodeSize, in);
244 if (nread != bitcodeSize)
268 size_t bitcodeSize = readBitcode(&bitcode); local
272 bcinfo::BitcodeWrapper bcWrapper((const char *)bitcode, bitcodeSize);
289 BT.reset(new bcinfo::BitcodeTranslator(bitcode, bitcodeSize, version));
H A DrsdBcc.cpp43 size_t bitcodeSize,
47 bitcode, bitcodeSize, flags);
38 rsdScriptInit(const Context *rsc, ScriptC *script, char const *resName, char const *cacheDir, uint8_t const *bitcode, size_t bitcodeSize, uint32_t flags) argument
H A DrsCpuCore.cpp607 uint8_t const *bitcode, size_t bitcodeSize,
611 if (!i->init(resName, cacheDir, bitcode, bitcodeSize, flags
605 createScript(const ScriptC *s, char const *resName, char const *cacheDir, uint8_t const *bitcode, size_t bitcodeSize, uint32_t flags) argument
H A DrsCpuScript.cpp256 size_t bitcodeSize,
259 rsAssert(bitcode && bitcodeSize);
266 size_t nwritten = fwrite(bitcode, 1, bitcodeSize, bcfile);
268 if (nwritten != bitcodeSize) {
269 ALOGE("Could not write %zu bytes to %s", bitcodeSize,
380 uint8_t const *bitcode, size_t bitcodeSize,
382 //ALOGE("rsdScriptCreate %p %p %p %p %i %i %p", rsc, resName, cacheDir, bitcode, bitcodeSize, flags, lookupFunc);
420 bcinfo::MetadataExtractor bitcodeMetadata((const char *) bitcode, bitcodeSize);
427 const char* core_lib = findCoreLib(bitcodeMetadata, (const char*)bitcode, bitcodeSize);
449 bitcodeSize, compileCommandLin
379 init(char const *resName, char const *cacheDir, uint8_t const *bitcode, size_t bitcodeSize, uint32_t flags, char const *bccPluginName) argument
723 findCoreLib(const bcinfo::MetadataExtractor& ME, const char* bitcode, size_t bitcodeSize) argument

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