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H A DCameraBinderTestUtils.java75 final static public boolean isFeatureAvailable(Context context, String feature) { argument
79 if ( != null && {
H A DBridge.java200 public boolean supports(int feature) { argument
201 return feature <= LAST_SUPPORTED_FEATURE;
H A DImsConfig.java27 * Provides APIs to get/set the IMS service feature/capability/parameters.
30 * 2) Items configured by user. Mainly service feature class.
42 * Defines IMS service/capability feature constants.
239 * Defines IMS feature value.
361 * Gets the value for IMS feature item for specified network type.
363 * @param feature, defined as in FeatureConstants.
365 * @param listener, provided to be notified for the feature on/off status.
370 public void getFeatureValue(int feature, int network, argument
373 Rlog.d(TAG, "getFeatureValue: feature = " + feature
395 setFeatureValue(int feature, int network, int value, ImsConfigListener listener) argument
H A DMediaFormat.java507 * feature name describing a required or optional feature for a codec capabilities
509 * The associated value is an integer, where non-0 value means the feature is
510 * requested to be present, while 0 value means the feature is requested to be not
518 public static final String KEY_FEATURE_ = "feature-";
570 * Returns whether a feature is to be enabled ({@code true}) or disabled
573 * @param feature the name of a {@link MediaCodecInfo.CodecCapabilities} feature.
575 * @throws IllegalArgumentException if the feature was neither set to be enabled
578 public boolean getFeatureEnabled(String feature) { argument
634 setFeatureEnabled(String feature, boolean enabled) argument
H A DConnectivityManager.java868 * begin using the named feature. The interpretation of {@code feature}
873 * @param feature the name of the feature to be used
876 * implementation+feature combination, except that the value {@code -1}
881 public int startUsingNetworkFeature(int networkType, String feature) { argument
882 NetworkCapabilities netCap = networkCapabilitiesForFeature(networkType, feature);
885 feature);
915 * using the named feature. The interpretation of {@code feature}
928 stopUsingNetworkFeature(int networkType, String feature) argument
977 networkCapabilitiesForFeature(int networkType, String feature) argument
H A DLayout.cpp639 static hb_feature_t feature; local
645 if (hb_feature_from_string (start, p - start, &feature)
646 && feature.start == 0 && feature.end == (unsigned int) -1)
647 features->push_back(feature);
H A DWindow.java51 /** Flag for the "options panel" feature. This is enabled by default. */
53 /** Flag for the "no title" feature, turning off the title at the top
56 /** Flag for the progress indicator feature */
66 /** Flag for custom title. You cannot combine this feature with other title features. */
78 * feature is requested along with {@link #FEATURE_ACTION_BAR} it will be layered over
126 * Max value used as a feature ID
304 * time onCreatePanelMenu() is called for this feature.
943 * will be available. You can not turn off a feature once it is requested.
1147 * Set the value for a drawable feature of this window, from a resource
1153 * @param featureId The desired drawable feature t
1324 hasFeature(int feature) argument
H A DWifiManager.java851 private boolean isFeatureSupported(int feature) { argument
852 return (getSupportedFeatures() & feature) == feature;
1088 * Check if the Batched Scan feature is supported.
H A DOpenSLES.h2747 SLuint32 feature; member in struct:SLEngineOption_
H A DOpenMAXAL.h503 XAuint32 feature; member in struct:XAEngineOption_

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