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H A DValueAnimator.java859 public int getRepeatCount() { method in class:ValueAnimator
H A DAnimation.java713 public int getRepeatCount() { method in class:Animation
820 return (getStartOffset() + getDuration()) * (getRepeatCount() + 1);
H A DInput.h303 inline int32_t getRepeatCount() const { return mRepeatCount; } function in class:android::KeyEvent
H A DKeyEvent.java35 * {@link #getRepeatCount()}. The last key event is a {@link #ACTION_UP}
827 * {#link {@link #getRepeatCount()} method returns the number of times
1240 * @param count Number of pairs as returned by event.getRepeatCount().
2385 public final int getRepeatCount() { method in class:KeyEvent

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