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H A DTextureRenderer.h36 GLuint mTexName; member in class:android::TextureRenderer
H A DRenderEngine.h84 uint32_t mTexName, mFbName; member in class:android::RenderEngine::BindImageAsFramebuffer
H A DGLConsumer.h264 // Binds mTexName and the current buffer to mTexTarget. Uses
403 // mTexName is the name of the OpenGL texture to which streamed images will
406 uint32_t mTexName; member in class:android::GLConsumer
H A DMain.cpp300 &mGLConsumer, &mSurface, &mTexName);
358 return mComposer->compose(mTexName, mGLConsumer);
368 GLuint mTexName; member in class:Layer

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