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H A DrsProgramRaster.cpp33 void ProgramRaster::preDestroy() const { function in class:ProgramRaster
H A DrsObjectBase.cpp87 void ObjectBase::preDestroy() const { function in class:ObjectBase
111 ref->preDestroy();
H A DrsProgramStore.cpp44 void ProgramStore::preDestroy() const { function in class:ProgramStore
H A DrsSampler.cpp51 void Sampler::preDestroy() const { function in class:Sampler
H A DrsElement.cpp44 void Element::preDestroy() const { function in class:Element
H A DrsType.cpp35 void Type::preDestroy() const { function in class:Type
H A DrsFont.cpp78 void Font::preDestroy() const { function in class:Font
H A Dandroid_GenericMediaPlayer.cpp258 void GenericMediaPlayer::preDestroy() { function in class:android::GenericMediaPlayer
264 // causes CHECK failure in Nuplayer, but commented out in the subclass preDestroy
277 GenericPlayer::preDestroy();
H A Dandroid_StreamPlayer.cpp330 void StreamPlayer::preDestroy() { function in class:android::StreamPlayer
339 // GenericMediaPlayer::preDestroy will repeat some of what we've done, but that's benign
340 GenericMediaPlayer::preDestroy();
H A Dandroid_AudioSfDecoder.cpp54 void AudioSfDecoder::preDestroy() { function in class:android::AudioSfDecoder
55 GenericPlayer::preDestroy();
56 SL_LOGD("AudioSfDecoder::preDestroy()");
H A Dandroid_GenericPlayer.cpp78 void GenericPlayer::preDestroy() { function in class:android::GenericPlayer
79 SL_LOGD("GenericPlayer::preDestroy()");
H A DIObject.c526 PreDestroyHook preDestroy = clazz->mPreDestroy; local
530 if (NULL != preDestroy) {
531 predestroy_t okToDestroy = (*preDestroy)(thiz);

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