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H A DNuPlayerStreamListener.cpp55 void NuPlayer::NuPlayerStreamListener::queueBuffer(size_t index, size_t size) { function in class:android::NuPlayer::NuPlayerStreamListener
H A DNuPlayerRenderer.cpp104 void NuPlayer::Renderer::queueBuffer( function in class:android::NuPlayer::Renderer
H A DLiveDataSource.cpp136 void LiveDataSource::queueBuffer(const sp<ABuffer> &buffer) { function in class:android::LiveDataSource
H A DIStreamSource.cpp145 virtual void queueBuffer(size_t index, size_t size) { function in struct:android::BpStreamListener
183 queueBuffer(index, size);
H A DFramebufferNativeWindow.cpp154 ANativeWindow::queueBuffer = queueBuffer; member in class:android::ANativeWindow
271 return queueBuffer(window, buffer, -1);
274 int FramebufferNativeWindow::queueBuffer(ANativeWindow* window, function in class:android::FramebufferNativeWindow
H A DMonitoredProducer.cpp82 status_t MonitoredProducer::queueBuffer(int slot, const QueueBufferInput& input, function in class:android::MonitoredProducer
84 return mProducer->queueBuffer(slot, input, output);
H A DIGraphicBufferProducer.cpp172 virtual status_t queueBuffer(int buf, function in class:android::BpGraphicBufferProducer
360 status_t result = queueBuffer(buf, input, output);
H A DBufferQueueProducer.cpp512 status_t BufferQueueProducer::queueBuffer(int slot, function in class:android::BufferQueueProducer
529 BQ_LOGE("queueBuffer: fence is NULL");
540 BQ_LOGE("queueBuffer: unknown scaling mode %d", scalingMode);
552 BQ_LOGE("queueBuffer: BufferQueue has been abandoned");
562 BQ_LOGE("queueBuffer: async mode is invalid with "
569 BQ_LOGE("queueBuffer: slot index %d out of range [0, %d)",
573 BQ_LOGE("queueBuffer: slot %d is not owned by the producer "
577 BQ_LOGE("queueBuffer: slot %d was queued without requesting "
582 BQ_LOGV("queueBuffer: slot=%d/%" PRIu64 " time=%" PRIu64
593 BQ_LOGE("queueBuffer
H A DSurface.cpp50 ANativeWindow::queueBuffer = hook_queueBuffer; member in class:android::ANativeWindow
123 return c->queueBuffer(buffer, fenceFd);
159 return c->queueBuffer(buffer, -1);
294 int Surface::queueBuffer(android_native_buffer_t* buffer, int fenceFd) { function in class:android::Surface
296 ALOGV("Surface::queueBuffer");
303 ALOGV("Surface::queueBuffer making up timestamp: %.2f ms",
323 status_t err = mGraphicBufferProducer->queueBuffer(i, input, &output);
325 ALOGE("queueBuffer: error queuing buffer to SurfaceTexture, %d", err);
901 err = queueBuffer(mLockedBuffer.get(), fd);
902 ALOGE_IF(err, "queueBuffer (handl
H A DRTPSender.cpp184 status_t RTPSender::queueBuffer( function in class:android::RTPSender
H A DVirtualDisplaySurface.cpp234 status_t result = mSource[SOURCE_SINK]->queueBuffer(sslot,
414 status_t VirtualDisplaySurface::queueBuffer(int pslot, function in class:android::VirtualDisplaySurface
417 return mSource[SOURCE_SINK]->queueBuffer(pslot, input, output);
420 "Unexpected queueBuffer(pslot=%d) in %s state", pslot,
424 VDS_LOGV("queueBuffer pslot=%d", pslot);
431 result = mSource[SOURCE_SCRATCH]->queueBuffer(sslot, input, &scratchQBO);
443 "queueBuffer: acquired sslot %d from SCRATCH after queueing sslot %d",
450 "Unexpected queueBuffer in state %s for compositionType %s",
555 // until after GLES calls queueBuffer(). So here we just set the buffer

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