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H A DCamera.cpp231 status_t Camera::takePicture(int msgType) function in class:android::Camera
233 ALOGV("takePicture: 0x%x", msgType);
236 return c->takePicture(msgType);
H A DICamera.cpp207 status_t takePicture(int msgType) function in class:android::BpCamera
209 ALOGV("takePicture: 0x%x", msgType);
377 reply->writeInt32(takePicture(msgType));
H A DCameraClient.cpp527 status_t CameraClient::takePicture(int msgType) { function in class:android::CameraClient
528 LOG1("takePicture (pid %d): 0x%x", getCallingPid(), msgType);
542 // and ignore other types of messages for takePicture().
552 return mHardware->takePicture();
H A DCamera2Client.cpp763 // (first takePicture call). However, this would substantially increase the
1211 // Remove recording stream to prevent it from slowing down takePicture later
1390 status_t Camera2Client::takePicture(int msgType) { function in class:android::Camera2Client
1407 // Good to go for takePicture
H A DCameraHardwareInterface.h68 * CameraService calls takePicture() to request the camera instance take a
366 status_t takePicture() function in class:android::CameraHardwareInterface
375 * Cancel a picture that was started with takePicture. Calling this
H A DAndroidCamera2AgentImpl.java934 // takePicture() when the algorithm has already converged.
936 // A call to takePicture() was just made, and autoexposure
1128 public void takePicture(final Handler handler, method in class:AndroidCamera2AgentImpl.AndroidCamera2ProxyImpl
1262 // autoFocus() -> takePicture()
H A DAndroidCameraAgentImpl.java605 mCamera.takePicture(
901 public void takePicture( method in class:AndroidCameraAgentImpl.AndroidCameraProxyImpl
H A DCameraAgent.java709 * @see android.hardware.Camera#takePicture(
714 public abstract void takePicture( method in class:CameraAgent.CameraProxy
H A DCamera.java86 * <li>When you want, call {@link #takePicture(Camera.ShutterCallback,
307 * when {@link Camera#takePicture takePicture} is called.</p>
901 * is used while calling {@link #takePicture(Camera.ShutterCallback,
915 * @see #takePicture(Camera.ShutterCallback,
1240 * image capture with {@link #takePicture(Camera.ShutterCallback,
1335 * @see #takePicture(ShutterCallback, PictureCallback, PictureCallback, PictureCallback)
1356 * @see #takePicture(ShutterCallback, PictureCallback, PictureCallback, PictureCallback)
1375 * Equivalent to takePicture(shutter, raw, null, jpeg).
1377 * @see #takePicture(ShutterCallbac
1379 public final void takePicture(ShutterCallback shutter, PictureCallback raw, method in class:Camera
1414 public final void takePicture(ShutterCallback shutter, PictureCallback raw, method in class:Camera

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