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H A DNetworkOverLimitActivity.java52 final NetworkTemplate template = getIntent().getParcelableExtra(EXTRA_NETWORK_TEMPLATE);
54 builder.setTitle(getLimitedDialogTitleForTemplate(template));
61 snoozePolicy(template);
76 private void snoozePolicy(NetworkTemplate template) { argument
80 policyService.snoozeLimit(template);
86 private static int getLimitedDialogTitleForTemplate(NetworkTemplate template) { argument
87 switch (template.getMatchRule()) {
H A DDataIdleTest.java56 NetworkTemplate template = NetworkTemplate.buildTemplateWifiWildcard();
57 fetchStats(template);
65 NetworkTemplate template = NetworkTemplate.buildTemplateMobileAll(subscriberId);
66 fetchStats(template);
72 * @param template {@link NetworkTemplate} to match.
74 private void fetchStats(NetworkTemplate template) { argument
80 template, Long.MIN_VALUE, Long.MAX_VALUE, false);
H A DNetworkStatsCollectionTest.java173 NetworkTemplate template, long rxBytes, long rxPackets, long txBytes, long txPackets) {
175 template, Long.MIN_VALUE, Long.MAX_VALUE).getTotal(null);
180 NetworkTemplate template, long rxBytes, long rxPackets, long txBytes, long txPackets) {
182 template, Long.MIN_VALUE, Long.MAX_VALUE).getTotalIncludingTags(null);
172 assertSummaryTotal(NetworkStatsCollection collection, NetworkTemplate template, long rxBytes, long rxPackets, long txBytes, long txPackets) argument
179 assertSummaryTotalIncludingTags(NetworkStatsCollection collection, NetworkTemplate template, long rxBytes, long rxPackets, long txBytes, long txPackets) argument
H A DCamera2RequestSettingsSet.java42 * from the template of choice. Its revision identifier is initially
67 * Specify a setting, potentially overriding the template's default choice.
70 * the template's selection for that {@code key}; the difference here is
77 * the use of the template's default selection for this field.
129 * setting is unset or forced to the template-defined default.
220 * @param template A {@link CaptureRequest} template defined in
228 public CaptureRequest createRequest(CameraDevice camera, int template, Surface... targets) argument
234 Builder reqBuilder = camera.createCaptureRequest(template);
H A DNetworkPolicy.java38 public NetworkTemplate template; field in class:NetworkPolicy
51 public NetworkPolicy(NetworkTemplate template, int cycleDay, String cycleTimezone, argument
53 this(template, cycleDay, cycleTimezone, warningBytes, limitBytes, SNOOZE_NEVER,
57 public NetworkPolicy(NetworkTemplate template, int cycleDay, String cycleTimezone, argument
60 this.template = checkNotNull(template, "missing NetworkTemplate");
72 template = in.readParcelable(null);
85 dest.writeParcelable(template, flags);
149 return Objects.hash(template, cycleDay, cycleTimezone, warningBytes, limitBytes,
163 && Objects.equals(template, othe
H A DNetworkTemplate.java156 * that should be considered to match this template.
256 * Test if given {@link NetworkIdentity} matches this template.
277 throw new IllegalArgumentException("unknown network template");
333 * Check if matches Wi-Fi network template.
346 * Check if matches Ethernet network template.
374 * Check if matches Bluetooth network template.
409 "Unable to enforce 3G_LOWER template on combined data.");
414 * Examine the given template and normalize if it refers to a "merged"
416 * for key purposes, and expand the template to match all other merged
419 * For example, given an incoming template matchin
423 normalize(NetworkTemplate template, String[] merged) argument
H A DURLUtil.java87 public static String composeSearchUrl(String inQuery, String template, argument
89 int placeHolderIndex = template.indexOf(queryPlaceHolder);
96 buffer.append(template.substring(0, placeHolderIndex));
105 buffer.append(template.substring(
H A DMobileDataControllerImpl.java116 NetworkTemplate template = NetworkTemplate.buildTemplateMobileAll(subscriberId);
117 template = NetworkTemplate.normalize(template, mTelephonyManager.getMergedSubscriberIds());
119 final NetworkPolicy policy = findNetworkPolicy(template);
121 final NetworkStatsHistory history = mSession.getHistoryForNetwork(template, FIELDS);
173 private NetworkPolicy findNetworkPolicy(NetworkTemplate template) { argument
174 if (mPolicyManager == null || template == null) return null;
180 if (policy != null && template.equals(policy.template)) {
H A DAndroidCamera2Settings.java57 * options in the same way as the provided template would.
59 * <p>The default settings provided by the given template are only ever used
65 * the template that is provided to the camera framework at that time.</p>
69 * @param template Specific template to use for the defaults.
79 public AndroidCamera2Settings(CameraDevice camera, int template, Rect activeArray, argument
88 mTemplateSettings = camera.createCaptureRequest(template);
H A DStorageVolume.java91 public static StorageVolume fromTemplate(StorageVolume template, File path, UserHandle owner) { argument
92 return new StorageVolume(path, template.mDescriptionId, template.mPrimary,
93 template.mRemovable, template.mEmulated, template.mMtpReserveSpace,
94 template.mAllowMassStorage, template.mMaxFileSize, owner);
H A DNetworkStatsCollection.java139 NetworkTemplate template, int uid, int set, int tag, int fields) {
140 return getHistory(template, uid, set, tag, fields, Long.MIN_VALUE, Long.MAX_VALUE);
148 NetworkTemplate template, int uid, int set, int tag, int fields, long start, long end) {
155 && templateMatches(template, key.ident)) {
167 public NetworkStats getSummary(NetworkTemplate template, long start, long end) { argument
179 if (templateMatches(template, key.ident)) {
543 private static boolean templateMatches(NetworkTemplate template, NetworkIdentitySet identSet) { argument
545 if (template.matches(ident)) {
138 getHistory( NetworkTemplate template, int uid, int set, int tag, int fields) argument
147 getHistory( NetworkTemplate template, int uid, int set, int tag, int fields, long start, long end) argument
H A DNetworkStatsRecorder.java117 public NetworkStats.Entry getTotalSinceBootLocked(NetworkTemplate template) { argument
118 return mSinceBoot.getSummary(template, Long.MIN_VALUE, Long.MAX_VALUE).getTotal(null);
H A DNetworkStatsService.java461 NetworkTemplate template, long start, long end) {
462 return internalGetSummaryForNetwork(template, start, end);
466 public NetworkStatsHistory getHistoryForNetwork(NetworkTemplate template, int fields) {
467 return internalGetHistoryForNetwork(template, fields);
472 NetworkTemplate template, long start, long end, boolean includeTags) {
473 final NetworkStats stats = getUidComplete().getSummary(template, start, end);
476 .getSummary(template, start, end);
484 NetworkTemplate template, int uid, int set, int tag, int fields) {
486 return getUidComplete().getHistory(template, uid, set, tag, fields);
488 return getUidTagComplete().getHistory(template, ui
504 internalGetSummaryForNetwork( NetworkTemplate template, long start, long end) argument
515 internalGetHistoryForNetwork(NetworkTemplate template, int fields) argument
522 getNetworkTotalBytes(NetworkTemplate template, long start, long end) argument
H A DNetworkPolicyManagerService.java594 final NetworkTemplate template = intent.getParcelableExtra(EXTRA_NETWORK_TEMPLATE);
595 performSnooze(template, TYPE_WARNING);
613 final NetworkTemplate template = NetworkTemplate.buildTemplateWifi(config.SSID);
615 if (mNetworkPolicy.containsKey(template)) {
616 mNetworkPolicy.remove(template);
642 final NetworkTemplate template = NetworkTemplate.buildTemplateWifi(info.getSSID());
644 NetworkPolicy policy = mNetworkPolicy.get(template);
648 policy = new NetworkPolicy(template, CYCLE_NONE, Time.TIMEZONE_UTC,
700 if (!isTemplateRelevant(policy.template)) continue;
705 final long totalBytes = getTotalBytes(policy.template, star
744 isTemplateRelevant(NetworkTemplate template) argument
769 notifyOverLimitLocked(NetworkTemplate template) argument
776 notifyUnderLimitLocked(NetworkTemplate template) argument
1013 setNetworkTemplateEnabled(NetworkTemplate template, boolean enabled) argument
1639 snoozeLimit(NetworkTemplate template) argument
1650 performSnooze(NetworkTemplate template, int type) argument
2179 getTotalBytes(NetworkTemplate template, long start, long end) argument
2220 buildSnoozeWarningIntent(NetworkTemplate template) argument
2226 buildNetworkOverLimitIntent(NetworkTemplate template) argument
2235 buildViewDataUsageIntent(NetworkTemplate template) argument
H A DCaptureRequest.java372 * Initialize the builder using the template; the request takes
373 * ownership of the template.
377 public Builder(CameraMetadataNative template) { argument
378 mRequest = new CaptureRequest(template);
H A DNetworkStatsServiceTest.java460 // and verify new history also recorded under different template, which
603 // verify that ALL_MOBILE template combines both
839 private void assertNetworkTotal(NetworkTemplate template, long rxBytes, long rxPackets, argument
841 assertNetworkTotal(template, Long.MIN_VALUE, Long.MAX_VALUE, rxBytes, rxPackets, txBytes,
845 private void assertNetworkTotal(NetworkTemplate template, long start, long end, long rxBytes, argument
848 final NetworkStatsHistory history = mSession.getHistoryForNetwork(template, FIELD_ALL);
852 final NetworkStats stats = mSession.getSummaryForNetwork(template, start, end);
857 private void assertUidTotal(NetworkTemplate template, int uid, long rxBytes, long rxPackets, argument
859 assertUidTotal(template, uid, SET_ALL, rxBytes, rxPackets, txBytes, txPackets, operations);
862 private void assertUidTotal(NetworkTemplate template, in argument
H A DTextUtils.java843 public static CharSequence replace(CharSequence template, argument
846 SpannableStringBuilder tb = new SpannableStringBuilder(template);
870 * <code>template</code> CharSequence with the corresponding
876 * @param template the input text containing "^1"-style
880 * @param values CharSequences substituted into the template. The
885 * @throws IllegalArgumentException if the template requests a
889 public static CharSequence expandTemplate(CharSequence template, argument
895 SpannableStringBuilder ssb = new SpannableStringBuilder(template);
910 "template requests value ^" + (which+1));
914 "template request

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