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H A DIBinder.java29 * <p>The key IBinder API is {@link #transact transact()} matched by
33 * is synchronous, such that a call to {@link #transact transact()} does not
40 * <p>The data sent through transact() is a {@link Parcel}, a generic buffer
54 * process A to process B, the calling thread in A blocks in transact() as
64 * handling that transaction calls transact() on an IBinder that is implemented
73 * <li> The {@link #transact transact()} method will throw a
146 * Flag to {@link #transact}
216 public boolean transact(int code, Parcel data, Parcel reply, int flags) method in interface:IBinder
H A DBinder.java273 * <p>If you want to call this, call transact().
372 * the remote side, transact calls into the binder to do the IPC.
374 public final boolean transact(int code, Parcel data, Parcel reply, method in class:Binder
439 // theoretically, we should call transact, which will call onTransact,
494 public boolean transact(int code, Parcel data, Parcel reply, int flags) throws RemoteException { method in class:BinderProxy
512 transact(DUMP_TRANSACTION, data, reply, 0);
526 transact(DUMP_TRANSACTION, data, reply, FLAG_ONEWAY);
H A DInstallerConnection.java48 public synchronized String transact(String cmd) { method in class:InstallerConnection
85 String res = transact(cmd);
H A DBinder.cpp97 status_t BBinder::transact( function in class:android::BBinder
H A DBpBinder.cpp111 status_t err = const_cast<BpBinder*>(this)->transact(
139 status_t err = transact(PING_TRANSACTION, send, &reply);
155 status_t err = transact(DUMP_TRANSACTION, send, &reply);
159 status_t BpBinder::transact( function in class:android::BpBinder
164 status_t status = IPCThreadState::self()->transact(
H A DIPCThreadState.cpp59 #define IF_LOG_TRANSACTIONS() IF_ALOG(LOG_VERBOSE, "transact")
545 status_t IPCThreadState::transact(int32_t handle, function in class:android::IPCThreadState
1084 error = b->transact(tr.code, buffer, &reply, tr.flags);
1087 error = the_context_object->transact(tr.code, buffer, &reply, tr.flags);
H A DImsUt.java509 public void transact(Bundle ssInfo, Message result) { method in class:ImsUt
511 log("transact :: Ut=" + miUt + ", ssInfo=" + ssInfo);
516 int id = miUt.transact(ssInfo);
H A DSurfaceFlinger.cpp2934 virtual status_t transact(uint32_t code, function in class:android::GraphicProducerWrapper
2965 result = impl->asBinder()->transact(code, data[0], reply);

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