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H A DSurfaceFlingerConsumer.cpp32 status_t SurfaceFlingerConsumer::updateTexImage(BufferRejecter* rejecter, function in class:android::SurfaceFlingerConsumer
36 ALOGV("updateTexImage");
40 ALOGE("updateTexImage: GLConsumer is abandoned!");
62 ALOGE("updateTexImage: acquire failed: %s (%d)",
H A DDeferredLayerUpdater.h66 ANDROID_API void updateTexImage() { function in class:android::uirenderer::DeferredLayerUpdater
H A DSurfaceTexture.java34 * When {@link #updateTexImage} is called, the contents of the texture object specified
45 * time {@link #updateTexImage} is called, so it should be re-queried each time the texture image
64 * <p>SurfaceTexture objects may be created on any thread. {@link #updateTexImage} may only be
67 * #updateTexImage} should not be called directly from the callback.
168 * safe to call {@link #updateTexImage} without first binding the OpenGL ES context to the
184 * so it is not safe to call {@link #updateTexImage} without first binding the OpenGL ES
228 * updateTexImage() is called.
239 public void updateTexImage() { method in class:SurfaceTexture
256 * calls to {@link #updateTexImage} will throw an {@link java.lang.IllegalStateException} until
292 * the most recent call to updateTexImage
H A DGLConsumer.cpp187 status_t GLConsumer::updateTexImage() { function in class:android::GLConsumer
189 ST_LOGV("updateTexImage");
193 ST_LOGE("updateTexImage: GLConsumer is abandoned!");
212 ST_LOGV("updateTexImage: no buffers were available");
216 ST_LOGE("updateTexImage: acquire failed: %s (%d)",

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