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H A DGLExtensions.cpp34 GLubyte const* vendor,
39 mVendor = (char const*)vendor;
33 initWithGLStrings( GLubyte const* vendor, GLubyte const* renderer, GLubyte const* version, GLubyte const* extensions) argument
H A DrsdGL.h45 const uint8_t * vendor; member in struct:RsdGLRec::__anon1492
H A DInputDevice.h30 bus(0), vendor(0), product(0), version(0) {
38 uint16_t vendor; member in struct:android::InputDeviceIdentifier
145 * names to try based on the device name, vendor, product, and version.
H A Dandroid_hardware_SensorManager.cpp42 jfieldID vendor; member in struct:android::SensorOffsets
69 sensorOffsets.vendor = _env->GetFieldID(sensorClass, "mVendor", "Ljava/lang/String;");
100 jstring vendor = env->NewStringUTF(list->getVendor().string()); local
104 env->SetObjectField(sensor, sensorOffsets.vendor, vendor);
H A Degl_display.h107 char const * vendor; member in struct:android::egl_display_t::strings_t
H A DAssetManager.cpp68 * Names for default app, locale, and vendor. We might want to change
87 const char* AssetManager::OVERLAY_DIR = "/vendor/overlay";
426 * Set the current vendor. Use NULL to indicate no vendor.
429 * information in the vendor-specific sections of the tree.
431 void AssetManager::setVendor(const char* vendor) argument
441 mVendor = strdupNew(vendor);
476 * - locale + vendor
477 * - "default" + vendor
906 * Try various combinations of locale and vendor
929 openInLocaleVendorLocked(const char* fileName, AccessMode mode, const asset_path& ap, const char* locale, const char* vendor) argument
1064 createPathNameLocked(const asset_path& ap, const char* locale, const char* vendor) argument
1781 fncScanAndMergeDirLocked( SortedVector<AssetDir::FileInfo>* pMergedInfo, const asset_path& ap, const char* locale, const char* vendor, const char* dirName) argument

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