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H A DrsSignal.cpp72 bool Signal::wait(uint64_t timeout) { function in class:Signal
H A DFence.h28 * commands stream. The caller can then wait for the fence to be signaled
29 * by calling the wait method.
35 * Default timeout in nano-seconds for wait()
69 bool wait(EGLTimeKHR timeout = kDefaultTimeout) { function in class:android::uirenderer::Fence
73 ALOGW("Failed to wait for the fence %#x", eglGetError());
87 * to automatically wait for a series of OpenGL commands to be
101 mFence.wait(mTimeout);
H A DBarrier.h41 void wait() const { function in class:android::uirenderer::Barrier
44 mCondition.wait(mLock);
H A DSignal.h38 void wait() { function in class:android::uirenderer::Signal
41 mCondition.wait(mLock);
H A DBarrier.h41 // Reset the Barrier, so wait() will block until open() has been called.
49 // until wait() returns.
50 void wait() const { function in class:android::Barrier
53 cv.wait(lock);
H A DMessageQueue.h49 void wait() const { barrier.wait(); } function in class:android::MessageBase
H A DOutputPort.java29 * output port is set to wait until it becomes free (see {@link #setWaitsUntilAvailable(boolean)}),
101 * Sets whether to wait until this port becomes available before processing.
105 * @param wait true, if filter should wait for the port to become available before processing.
108 public void setWaitsUntilAvailable(boolean wait) { argument
109 mWaitsUntilAvailable = wait;
H A DInputPort.java26 * {@link #pullFrame()} on an input port. If the input port is set to wait for an input frame
220 * Sets whether to wait for a frame on this port before processing.
224 * @param wait true, if the Filter should wait for a Frame before processing.
227 public void setWaitsForFrame(boolean wait) { argument
228 mWaitForFrame = wait;
H A DFence.cpp48 status_t Fence::wait(unsigned int timeout) { function in class:android::Fence
H A DBridgePowerManager.java84 public void reboot(boolean confirm, String reason, boolean wait) { argument
89 public void shutdown(boolean confirm, boolean wait) { argument
H A DMediaPlayerService.cpp1263 mCondition.wait(mLock);
1324 ALOGV("wait for prepare");
1325 if (cache->wait() != NO_ERROR) goto Exit;
1330 ALOGV("wait for playback complete");
1331 cache->wait();
1379 ALOGV("wait for prepare");
1380 if (cache->wait() != NO_ERROR) goto Exit;
1385 ALOGV("wait for playback complete");
1386 cache->wait();
2136 status_t MediaPlayerService::AudioCache::wait() function in class:android::MediaPlayerService::AudioCache
H A DPowerManagerService.java195 // If true, instructs the display controller to wait for the proximity sensor to
1701 // If preconditions changed, wait for the next iteration to determine
1704 return; // wait for next cycle
2173 final String reason, boolean wait) {
2196 // PowerManager.reboot() is documented not to return so just wait for the inevitable.
2197 if (wait) {
2201 runnable.wait();
3042 * @param wait If true, this call waits for the reboot to complete and does not return.
3045 public void reboot(boolean confirm, String reason, boolean wait) { argument
3053 shutdownOrRebootInternal(false, confirm, reason, wait);
2172 shutdownOrRebootInternal(final boolean shutdown, final boolean confirm, final String reason, boolean wait) argument
3066 shutdown(boolean confirm, boolean wait) argument

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