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H A Dandroid_os_MessageQueue.cpp42 void wake();
106 void NativeMessageQueue::wake() { function in class:android::NativeMessageQueue
107 mLooper->wake();
141 return nativeMessageQueue->wake();
H A DSensorEventQueue.cpp116 status_t SensorEventQueue::wake() const function in class:SensorEventQueue
119 looper->wake();
155 // Send mNumAcksToSend to acknowledge for the wake up sensor events received.
H A DEventHub.cpp202 LOG_ALWAYS_FATAL_IF(result != 0, "Could not create wake pipe. errno=%d", errno);
208 LOG_ALWAYS_FATAL_IF(result != 0, "Could not make wake read pipe non-blocking. errno=%d",
212 LOG_ALWAYS_FATAL_IF(result != 0, "Could not make wake write pipe non-blocking. errno=%d",
217 LOG_ALWAYS_FATAL_IF(result != 0, "Could not add wake read pipe to epoll instance. errno=%d",
787 ALOGV("awoken after wake()");
795 ALOGW("Received unexpected epoll event 0x%08x for wake read pipe.",
959 // Poll for events. Mind the wake lock dance!
960 // We hold a wake lock at all times except during epoll_wait(). This works due to some
962 // a kernel wake lock. However, once the last pending event has been read, the device
963 // driver will release the kernel wake loc
1006 void EventHub::wake() { function in class:android::EventHub
H A DInputReader.h1253 bool wake; member in struct:android::TouchInputMapper::Parameters
H A DInputReader_test.cpp710 virtual void wake() { function in class:android::FakeEventHub

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