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H A Dasset_manager.cpp176 off_t AAsset_seek(AAsset* asset, off_t offset, int whence) argument
178 return asset->mAsset->seek(offset, whence);
181 off64_t AAsset_seek64(AAsset* asset, off64_t offset, int whence) argument
183 return asset->mAsset->seek(offset, whence);
H A DFwdLockFile.c316 off64_t FwdLockFile_lseek(int fileDesc, off64_t offset, int whence) { argument
323 switch (whence) {
325 newFilePos = lseek64(pSession->fileDesc, pSession->dataOffset + offset, whence);
329 newFilePos = lseek64(pSession->fileDesc, offset, whence);
H A DAsset.cpp309 * Do generic seek() housekeeping. Pass in the offset/whence values from
315 off64_t Asset::handleSeek(off64_t offset, int whence, off64_t curPosn, off64_t maxPosn) argument
319 switch (whence) {
330 ALOGW("unexpected whence %d\n", whence);
502 off64_t _FileAsset::seek(off64_t offset, int whence) argument
508 newPosn = handleSeek(offset, whence, mOffset, mLength);
802 off64_t _CompressedAsset::seek(off64_t offset, int whence) argument
807 newPosn = handleSeek(offset, whence, mOffset, mUncompressedLen);
H A DFwdLockEngine.cpp644 off64_t offset, int whence) {
647 off_t offset, int whence) {
654 offval = FwdLockFile_lseek(session->fileDesc, offset, whence);
643 onLseek(int uniqueId, DecryptHandle* decryptHandle, off64_t offset, int whence) argument
H A DAssetManager.java713 private native final long seekAsset(long asset, long offset, int whence); argument
H A Dandroid_util_AssetManager.cpp463 jlong offset, jint whence)
473 offset, (whence > 0) ? SEEK_END : (whence < 0 ? SEEK_SET : SEEK_CUR));
461 android_content_AssetManager_seekAsset(JNIEnv* env, jobject clazz, jlong assetHandle, jlong offset, jint whence) argument

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