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H A DGLConsumer.h98 // This calls doGLFenceWait to ensure proper synchronization.
189 // doGLFenceWait inserts a wait command into the OpenGL ES command stream
192 status_t doGLFenceWait() const;
266 // bind succeeds, this calls doGLFenceWait.
H A DGLConsumer.cpp921 status_t GLConsumer::doGLFenceWait() const { function in class:android::GLConsumer
932 ST_LOGE("doGLFenceWait: invalid current EGLDisplay");
937 ST_LOGE("doGLFenceWait: invalid current EGLContext");
946 ST_LOGE("doGLFenceWait: error dup'ing fence fd: %d", errno);
957 ST_LOGE("doGLFenceWait: error creating EGL fence: %#x",
969 ST_LOGE("doGLFenceWait: error waiting for EGL fence: %#x",
977 ST_LOGE("doGLFenceWait: error waiting for fence: %d", err);

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