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H A Dkernels.rs105 double2 d2;
106 double2 d2i = {1, 2};
H A Drs_allocation.rsh211 GET_ELEMENT_AT(double2)
346 SET_ELEMENT_AT(double2)
420 VOP(double2)
H A Drs_types.rsh231 typedef double double2 __attribute__((ext_vector_type(2)));
H A Drs_core_math.rsh2957 * Component wise conversion from double2 to double2
2961 extern double2 __attribute__((const, overloadable))convert_double2(double2 v);
2984 * Component wise conversion from long2 to double2
2988 extern double2 __attribute__((const, overloadable))convert_double2(long2 v);
3011 * Component wise conversion from ulong2 to double2
3015 extern double2 __attribute__((const, overloadable))convert_double2(ulong2 v);
3038 * Component wise conversion from double2 to long2
3042 extern long2 __attribute__((const, overloadable))convert_long2(double2
H A DrsCpuRuntimeStubs.cpp35 typedef double double2 __attribute__((ext_vector_type(2))); typedef
93 static void SC_debugD2(const char *s, const double2 *f) {
94 ALOGD("double2 %s {%f, %f}", s, f->x, f->y);
H A Drs_core.c210 PRIM_DEBUG(double2)
H A Drs_allocation.c280 ELEMENT_AT(double2)
393 VOP(double2)
H A Drs_cl.c1271 extern double2 __attribute__((overloadable)) min(double2 v1, double2 v2) {
1272 double2 r;
1349 extern double2 __attribute__((overloadable)) max(double2 v1, double2 v2) {
1350 double2 r;
H A DrsdRuntimeStubs.cpp40 typedef double double2 __attribute__((ext_vector_type(2))); typedef
937 ELEMENT_AT(double2, RS_TYPE_FLOAT_64, 2)

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