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H A DMotionEvent.java620 * @see #getToolMinor(int)
1920 * {@link #getToolMinor(int)} for the first pointer index (may be an
1925 public final float getToolMinor() { method in class:MotionEvent
2123 public final float getToolMinor(int pointerIndex) { method in class:MotionEvent
2441 * @see #getToolMinor()
2607 * Returns a historical tool minor axis coordinate, as per {@link #getToolMinor(int)}, that
2617 * @see #getToolMinor(int)
H A DInput.h440 inline float getToolMinor(size_t pointerIndex) const { function in class:android::MotionEvent
H A DInputReader.h880 inline int32_t getToolMinor() const { function in class:android::MultiTouchMotionAccumulator::Slot

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