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H A DGLConsumer.h40 * GLConsumer consumes buffers of graphics data from a BufferQueue,
43 * A typical usage pattern is to set up the GLConsumer with the
54 class GLConsumer : public ConsumerBase { class in namespace:android
59 // GLConsumer constructs a new GLConsumer object. If the constructor with
67 // A GLConsumer may be detached from one OpenGL ES context and then
70 // purely to allow a GLConsumer to be transferred from one consumer
74 // If the constructor with the tex parameter is used, the GLConsumer is
82 // If the constructor without the tex parameter is used, the GLConsumer is
85 GLConsumer(cons
H A DGLConsumer.cpp17 #define LOG_TAG "GLConsumer"
32 #include <gui/GLConsumer.h>
49 // Macros for including the GLConsumer name in log messages
92 Mutex GLConsumer::sStaticInitLock;
93 sp<GraphicBuffer> GLConsumer::sReleasedTexImageBuffer;
119 GLConsumer::GLConsumer(const sp<IGraphicBufferConsumer>& bq, uint32_t tex,
138 ST_LOGV("GLConsumer");
146 GLConsumer::GLConsumer(cons function in class:android::GLConsumer

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