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H A DAndroidCamera2AgentImpl.java900 // changed recently to avoid infinite waiting during autoFocus()
903 // A call to autoFocus() was just made to request a focus lock.
1063 public void autoFocus(final Handler handler, final CameraAFCallback cb) { method in class:AndroidCamera2AgentImpl.AndroidCamera2ProxyImpl
1262 // autoFocus() -> takePicture()
H A DAndroidCameraAgentImpl.java495 mCamera.autoFocus((AutoFocusCallback) msg.obj);
850 public void autoFocus(final Handler handler, final CameraAFCallback cb) { method in class:AndroidCameraAgentImpl.AndroidCameraProxyImpl
H A DCameraAgent.java674 public abstract void autoFocus(Handler handler, CameraAFCallback cb); method in class:CameraAgent.CameraProxy
H A DCamera.java1189 * @see #autoFocus(AutoFocusCallback)
1198 * does not support auto-focus and autoFocus is called,
1255 public final void autoFocus(AutoFocusCallback cb) method in class:Camera
1270 * @see #autoFocus(Camera.AutoFocusCallback)
1280 // - An application uses the same thread for autoFocus, cancelAutoFocus
1282 // - The application calls autoFocus.
1285 // calls cancelAutoFocus and autoFocus.
1290 // multiple threads to call autoFocus and cancelAutoFocus at the same
1663 * <p>If the apps call {@link #autoFocus(AutoFocusCallback)}, the camera
2292 * #autoFocus(AutoFocusCallbac
H A DCamera.cpp214 status_t Camera::autoFocus() function in class:android::Camera
216 ALOGV("autoFocus");
219 return c->autoFocus();
H A DICamera.cpp185 status_t autoFocus() function in class:android::BpCamera
187 ALOGV("autoFocus");
364 reply->writeInt32(autoFocus());
H A DCamera2Client.cpp1265 status_t Camera2Client::autoFocus() { function in class:android::Camera2Client
1278 ALOGE("%s: Camera %d: Call autoFocus when preview is inactive (state = %d).",
H A DCameraClient.cpp506 status_t CameraClient::autoFocus() { function in class:android::CameraClient
507 LOG1("autoFocus (pid %d)", getCallingPid());
513 return mHardware->autoFocus();
H A DCameraHardwareInterface.h65 * only sends this message once and it is up to the application to call autoFocus()
338 * with CAMERA_MSG_FOCUS once when focusing is complete. autoFocus()
341 status_t autoFocus() function in class:android::CameraHardwareInterface

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