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H A DCamera.cpp166 void Camera::stopPreview() function in class:android::Camera
168 ALOGV("stopPreview");
171 c->stopPreview();
H A DICamera.cpp128 void stopPreview() function in class:android::BpCamera
130 ALOGV("stopPreview");
326 stopPreview();
H A DCamera2Client.cpp884 void Camera2Client::stopPreview() { function in class:android::Camera2Client
H A DCameraClient.cpp257 mHardware->stopPreview();
448 void CameraClient::stopPreview() { function in class:android::CameraClient
449 LOG1("stopPreview (pid %d)", getCallingPid());
455 mHardware->stopPreview();
H A DCameraHardwareInterface.h218 void stopPreview() function in class:android::CameraHardwareInterface
H A DCamera.java93 * <li>Call {@link #stopPreview()} to stop updating the preview surface.
116 * <li>Call {@link #stopPreview()} and {@link #release()} as described above.
731 public final void stopPreview() { method in class:Camera
1216 * (between {@link #startPreview()} and before {@link #stopPreview()}).
1239 * <p>Stopping preview with {@link #stopPreview()}, or triggering still
1670 * Camera.PictureCallback)} or {@link #stopPreview()}, and then resuming
3561 * <p>Stopping preview with {@link #stopPreview()}, or triggering still
3629 * <p>Stopping preview with {@link #stopPreview()}, or triggering still
H A DRequestThreadManager.java264 private void stopPreview() { method in class:RequestThreadManager
266 Log.v(TAG, "stopPreview - preview running? " + mPreviewRunning);
269 mCamera.stopPreview();
332 stopPreview();
H A DCameraAgent.java480 * preview is stopped with {@link #stopPreview}.</p>
491 // unlock the sizes when stopPreview() is invoked (see related FIXME on
597 * {@code stopPreview()} must be synchronous to ensure that the caller can
600 public void stopPreview() { method in class:CameraAgent.CameraProxy

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