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H A DGLConsumer.cpp54 #define ST_LOGE(x, ...) ALOGE("[%s] "x, mName.string(), ##__VA_ARGS__) macro
193 ST_LOGE("updateTexImage: GLConsumer is abandoned!");
216 ST_LOGE("updateTexImage: acquire failed: %s (%d)",
241 ST_LOGE("releaseTexImage: GLConsumer is abandoned!");
267 ST_LOGE("syncForReleaseLocked failed (slot=%d), err=%d", buf, err);
277 ST_LOGE("releaseTexImage: failed to release buffer: %s (%d)",
372 ST_LOGE("updateAndRelease: GLConsumer is not attached to an OpenGL "
424 ST_LOGE("updateAndRelease: failed to release buffer: %s (%d)",
460 ST_LOGE("bindTextureImage: no currently-bound texture");
489 ST_LOGE("bindTextureImag

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