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H A DGLConsumer.h69 // attachToContext methods, respectively. The intention of these methods is
76 // context for the purposes of the attachToContext and detachFromContext
83 // created in a detached state, and attachToContext must be called before
213 // attachToContext method.
216 // attachToContext attaches a GLConsumer that is currently in the
219 // called and no calls to attachToContext have succeeded since the last
220 // detachFromContext call. Calls to attachToContext made on a
226 // call to attachToContext will result in this texture object being bound to
229 status_t attachToContext(uint32_t tex);
405 // and can be changed with a call to attachToContext
H A DGLConsumer.cpp585 status_t GLConsumer::attachToContext(uint32_t tex) { function in class:android::GLConsumer
587 ST_LOGV("attachToContext");
591 ST_LOGE("attachToContext: abandoned GLConsumer");
596 ST_LOGE("attachToContext: GLConsumer is already attached to a "
605 ST_LOGE("attachToContext: invalid current EGLDisplay");
610 ST_LOGE("attachToContext: invalid current EGLContext");
H A DSurfaceTextureMultiContextGL_test.cpp154 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->attachToContext(SECOND_TEX_ID));
185 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->attachToContext(SECOND_TEX_ID));
212 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->attachToContext(SECOND_TEX_ID));
246 ASSERT_EQ(NO_INIT, mST->attachToContext(SECOND_TEX_ID));
300 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->attachToContext(SECOND_TEX_ID));
308 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->attachToContext(THIRD_TEX_ID));
334 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->attachToContext(SECOND_TEX_I
H A DDeferredLayerUpdater.cpp65 mSurfaceTexture->attachToContext(mLayer->getTexture());
H A DSurfaceTexture.cpp320 return surfaceTexture->attachToContext((GLuint)tex);

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