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H A DGLConsumer.h68 // attached to a different context using the detachFromContext and
76 // context for the purposes of the attachToContext and detachFromContext
204 // detachFromContext detaches the GLConsumer from the calling thread's
214 status_t detachFromContext();
218 // in the 'detached' state iff detachFromContext has successfully been
220 // detachFromContext call. Calls to attachToContext made on a
228 // current at the time of the last call to detachFromContext.
471 // It is set to false by detachFromContext, and then set to true again by
H A DGLConsumer.cpp271 // if we're detached, we just use the fence that was created in detachFromContext()
540 status_t GLConsumer::detachFromContext() { function in class:android::GLConsumer
542 ST_LOGV("detachFromContext");
546 ST_LOGE("detachFromContext: abandoned GLConsumer");
551 ST_LOGE("detachFromContext: GLConsumer is not attached to a "
560 ST_LOGE("detachFromContext: invalid current EGLDisplay");
565 ST_LOGE("detachFromContext: invalid current EGLContext");
H A DSurfaceTextureMultiContextGL_test.cpp50 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->detachFromContext());
66 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->detachFromContext());
81 ASSERT_EQ(NO_INIT, mST->detachFromContext());
92 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->detachFromContext());
95 ASSERT_EQ(INVALID_OPERATION, mST->detachFromContext());
111 ASSERT_EQ(INVALID_OPERATION, mST->detachFromContext());
127 ASSERT_EQ(INVALID_OPERATION, mST->detachFromContext());
134 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->detachFromContext());
149 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->detachFromContext());
180 ASSERT_EQ(OK, mST->detachFromContext());
H A DDeferredLayerUpdater.cpp120 status_t err = mSurfaceTexture->detachFromContext();
H A DSurfaceTexture.cpp314 return surfaceTexture->detachFromContext();

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