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08c7116ab9cd04ad6dd3c04aa1017237e7f409ac 28-Feb-2015 John Spurlock <jspurlock@google.com> Remove unused imports in frameworks/base.

Change-Id: I031443de83f93eb57a98863001826671b18f3b17
24f7e61a3859c37deee97c3e1d19a0903a6b2b2c 05-Aug-2014 Hector Dearman <hjd@google.com> Fix CookieSyncManager package summary

Putting the deprecated at the beginning of a class comment seems
to cause problems with JavaDoc so I've moved it to the end.

Bug: 16799480
Change-Id: Ia23dab2ad8ceb8e107e047480b5cb324d11a1457
9f59526f0389ff17027ecdca7b3e31a729b2937b 21-Jul-2014 Hector Dearman <hjd@google.com> Add documentation for CookieManager defualts

Documents the defualt settings of acceptCookies and acceptFileSchemeCookies.

The current defaults:
<L >=L
acceptCookies | y | y |
acceptThirdPartyCookies | y | n |
acceptFileCookies | n | n |

Bug: 11575158
Change-Id: Ia6cb71bf80608cb2ea8049192f33616e57c15801
a70d1d99de6cdadd68176cb849c02d56b8536021 22-May-2014 Hector Dearman <hjd@google.com> Deprecate the Cookie Sync Manager

The CookieSyncManager is largely useless as the WebView
automatically syncs cookies every 30s (whether you like it
or not). The one method which needs to be saved is sync,
there is no other way to force a sync without this.
We move sync to the CookieManager and rename it to flush
for greater consistency.

Bug: 11060034
Change-Id: I8a14998020eea54f196fc6ed845b09ed69cfd447
94c0057d67c2e0a4b88a4f735388639210260d0e 14-Oct-2013 Torne (Richard Coles) <torne@google.com> Delete the old WebView.

Delete all the Java classes used only by the old WebView implementation,
and also sections of common classes that were only needed for the old

Bug: 10427705
Change-Id: I02549a71104b35d86d99058c71f43e054730ec7d
050c552f096a6f8f2283162edcb9c6b015cfb3dd 04-Oct-2013 Jonathan Dixon <joth@google.com> Fix CookieSyncManager for WebViewClassic

Add a workaround to ensure that the WebViewDatabase and JniUtil can
still be initialized as side effect of making a CookieSyncManager

This was collateral damage from the fixes for Bug 10932261

Change-Id: If5ba65a7822d5b0afc14139dd84125058bf96897
eb9e801424005756f319d91493386b9a4f180921 03-Oct-2013 Jonathan Dixon <joth@google.com> Decouple construction of WebView, CookieSyncManager, WebViewDatabase

Bug 10932261

Most of this flow exists purely to get the Context from
CookieSyncManager.createInstance over to WebViewDatabaseClassic. Make
that depenency more explicit (with a TODO to remove it) and this allows
a much simpler CookieSyncManager implementation for the normal case.
Note after this patch, CookieSyncManager.getInstance() is technically fine
to call without a prior call to createInstance, but retaining the
ordering requirement as a convenience for anyone developing on new OS
but still supporting the older versions.
(Note that CookieSyncManager instance is not required for correct
operation of either existing webview, so these changes only impact
the public API contract of object lifetimes, not the underlying

Change-Id: I51fdd6622704f1c749277fee6df2f84ac4c704d2
73eeb7b5ed5f88750156b787c665f7d3769fc56a 08-Jun-2012 Jonathan Dixon <joth@google.com> Extract WebView Classic details from API classes.

Last remaining bits:
- push JNUUtil.setContext call down into WebViewDatabaseClassic
- remove references to hidden ClientCertRequestHandler from the public API classes.

Change-Id: I9605dc2493b73fe8f22c7bb38c73d36632e0c7fa
f2bfe2bc05322a754c5a5d4e16ca182303ca72aa 26-Mar-2012 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Remove superfluous code after removal of Android HTTP stack

See b/5495616.

Bug: 6228353
Change-Id: I16cfd7b37973919d5bf14d2d80954caede264961
0acb1c32fa002a648c8090f622b0094f406d5411 16-Feb-2012 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Drop support for Android HTTP stack

All future releases will use the Chromium HTTP stack and maintaining two HTTP
stacks adds maintenance overhead. The Chromium HTTP stack requires V8, but we
now use V8 in all build targets (b/5495373), so we can safely drop the Android
HTTP stack.

LoadListener, HttpAuthHandlerImpl, Network, SslErrorHandlerImpl, WebViewWorker
- Android-stack specific, removed
StreamLoader, FrameLoader
- Require LoadListener, removed
CacheLoader, ContentLoader, DataLoader, FileLoader
- Extend StreamLoader, removed

- Removed methods that create LoadListener
- BrowserFrame.startLoadingResource() is called from native
CallbackProxy, WebView
- Removed calls to Network methods
CacheManager, CookieManager, CookieSyncManager, WebViewCore, WebResourceResponse
- Removed other Android-stack specific code
- Removed useChromiumHttpStack()
- Removed all code to create cookies and cache databases for Android HTTP stack

See corresponding WebKit change https://android-git.corp.google.com/g/166327.

Bug: 5495616
Change-Id: If491675516f6eb187077af4220214bb6e6a8d045
87af7314d4319a0ccaaf466a25e3fe4f416cc953 09-Sep-2011 Kristian Monsen <kristianm@google.com> Cleanup for bug 5278763

Variable is not needed, and removing unneeded check

Also throwing an exception if sContext gets set to null.

Change-Id: Ic61ba4c88a162eb730e166f0e9f477e809b51f42
3e826c99b9cc8d38b6c2f19bd4160ee21b5ca47b 18-Feb-2011 Kristian Monsen <kristianm@google.com> Part of fix for bug 3424424 Browser hanging

Not calling redundant android stack cookie code when the chrome
stack is enabled.

Change-Id: I6faea89295e0cae02f5aa19a6ddeec43a4b73a44
99f39771ab15fc13d221ebfb3682741002c5f7b1 06-Dec-2010 Iain Merrick <husky@google.com> Call flushCookieStore() from CookieSyncManager.

I previously tried to make this a new public API, but I realised
it should actually hang off the existing code in CookieSyncManager.

Change-Id: Ic44334008266bad5ba1245cf674350a4c10712ce
d89a30af1f37317a51088a207dda865a2f60c83a 16-Nov-2010 Kristian Monsen <kristianm@google.com> Move getDatabaseDirectory and getCacheDirectory to a new class

The reason for this is that the CookieSyncManager might not be
initialized right after a webview is created since the initialization
is done with a message.

If someone creates a webview and tries to access a cookie right
afterwards that would cause an unintended exception.

This requires a change in external/webkit

Bug 3172863

Change-Id: I4f4f162253e2af09f63ee582bfce9f75ccf4037b
82d98161362750ed280675b704a5ae467091cfba 27-Oct-2010 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Update Chromium HTTP stack to get database and cache paths from CookieSyncManager

Currently these paths are obtained from the BrowserFrame via JNI.
However, the paths are not synced to the BrowserFrame until the
WebCore thread has started up. This means that if the
WebRequestContext is created on the IO thread, the paths may not be

This change moves the paths from BrowserFrame to CookieSyncManager to
avoid the need to wait for the WebCore thread.

Note that the new methods may be called on either the UI or WebCore
threads, so are synchronised.

Requires a change to external/webkit ...

Change-Id: I8e910ee209c570e90181bd308a78d1987b4d120c
01d0fbfa683012623f030ec75a63e1a9fabcb916 01-Dec-2009 Romain Guy <romainguy@android.com> Fix a leak in WebView.

Fixes #2296601.

WebView and its related APIs are keeping static objects that hold references to
Context instance. This could cause applications to leak their first Activity
and all the associated resources.
2e5c150e746647a1ce5c10e1708debbf06c45ea7 03-Jun-2009 Derek Sollenberger <djsollen@google.com> Centralized debug flags and enabled more granular control of debug settings.
74008f608af0c567456d37e63d48643689388c74 23-Apr-2009 Jean-Baptiste Queru <jbq@google.com> Merge donut into master
42bc2ff5d2e3a10ab6c1fb1e716a124f2b446dbc 14-Apr-2009 Dave Bort <dbort@android.com> Remove references to android.util.Config

The semantics of Config.DEBUG will be changing soon, and all other
Config.* fields will become deprecated/hidden.

9066cfe9886ac131c34d59ed0e2d287b0e3c0087 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
d83a98f4ce9cfa908f5c54bbd70f03eec07e7553 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
adcd2ed8d24deddee528e96260d0ed673eeb261c 21-Jan-2009 Mike Hearn <hearn@google.com> Add some documentation to WebView, WebSettings and CookieSyncManager.
Double-tree rendering is deprecated.
54b6cfa9a9e5b861a9930af873580d6dc20f773c 21-Oct-2008 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Initial Contribution