History log of /frameworks/base/core/java/android/webkit/GeolocationPermissions.java
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451e338c51e8c45efc0d21536dfae6f78f6d5e06 10-Nov-2014 Ignacio Solla <igsolla@google.com> [WebView] Allow the WebView to be compiled against the system SDK.

Change-Id: Ifd6dcac17663631058d895c61bb6e8018c5aeecc
51f536388e331fbe8348f4aac64d8c991d90acc1 01-Dec-2012 Kristian Monsen <kristianm@google.com> Update Geolocation.getInstance() comment.

This is to reflect the old and new behavior that a WebView needs
to be created first.

Change-Id: I6128573265444327334d94cc8f250e2cf100eed1
3a084af2e90849aaa8beb3a610189e3399c63ea0 07-Nov-2012 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Correct executable bit for source files

Many media files and source code files were marked as executable in Git.
Remove those.

Also a shell script and python script were not marked as executable.

Change-Id: Ieb51bafb46c895a21d2e83696f5a901ba752b2c5
4e584df4cee8334bc371c04a67bcd0a32e2f9480 25-Apr-2012 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Fix JavaDoc style for several WebView classes

This fixes the JavaDoc style for the following classes ...
- CacheManager.java
- CookieManager.java
- GeolocationPermissions.java
- WebResourceResponse.java
- WebSettings.java
- WebStorage.java
- WebView.java

In particular, this applies the guidelines at

This should help to ensure that future JavaDoc comments use correct style,
rather than using incorrect style for consistency.

Note that this change does not attempt to improve the content of the JavaDoc
comments. This will be done in later changes.

Bug: 5461416
Change-Id: I79e9b15a8cf3597195d58e154a7eb1bcc462944c
d3101b1d300f5942fdb7dfa323dc8830c4edc007 12-Apr-2012 Jonathan Dixon <joth@google.com> Seperate interface and implementation of 4 WebView classes


Also creats a WebViewFactory top level class - this remains hidden
for now, as it's currently only used implicitly by the other
public WebView classes to create the provider instances.

Bug: 5626244

Change-Id: Id0ca1c16d8058f31a86414bbc0e8a55db4b907ba
533e69f0bedcf59cdf960ad5aeecedef6983d929 17-Apr-2012 John Reck <jreck@google.com> Minor cleanup

Change-Id: Ide35e6cf2abe2b723e6d45e796a21ae135706bf5
939e5040b51539be561db1d18dec18196f201f5c 12-Apr-2012 Jonathan Dixon <joth@google.com> Two WebView API cleanups

- remove final from classes which we will need to provide subclasses
in future: CookieManager, GeolocationPermissions, WebIconDatabase
and WebStorage. None of these have published constructors,
so applications cannot subclass them anyway.

- Also convert some protected members of JsResult to private, as its of
no use to legal subclasses, and applications cannot subclass it.

Change-Id: Iaca9d2db31e25853b6c55feae41d9e7774087479
a3dc86e637873be115e68be50bd1b281beff7994 28-Mar-2012 Jonathan Dixon <joth@google.com> Hide the public constructors for singleton classes

WebStorage and GeolocationPermissions are not intended for direct use
by application code. Existing APKs using this will still work (as well
as they ever could have), but this change will cause a compile break if they
move to SDK >= 16, which should be fixed by using getInstance() instead.

Bug: 6238010
Change-Id: I75789cc260c8fe005c42942bc81483193cc54f17
36196b6d4a413b65c9f1f82112ae34a46dcedfc6 28-Mar-2012 Jonathan Dixon <joth@google.com> Minor code tidying up in WebStorage & GeolocationPermission

remove unused imports and constants.

Change-Id: I5007b270b2cabb55624d85546bfc84f10189e618
7351adf76a97b07bb2d777c56e78752cb7834bb0 30-Nov-2011 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Clean up JavaDoc for GeolocationPermissions

Much of the current JavaDoc for GeolocationPermissions exposes implementation
details which are of no interest to a Java developer. Move these comments out
of the JavaDoc and clean up the text.

Bug: 5461416
Change-Id: I95a68fe15016fadc729d8d857fd69b2c927a5ea9
69e2eff270be8c61fc902fcb337097e86c601295 17-Nov-2010 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Don't waste memory creating new Boolean objects

Creating a new Boolean is wasteful since there's already a static
Boolean.TRUE and Boolean.FALSE. Using Boolean.valueOf will return one of
those static objects and reduce memory usage a bit.

Change-Id: Id497f951c8a894ec03ac6c3181e6055b56db9db4
01228fcff613e2f30773130dd31acd3ba7d62bac 19-Feb-2010 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Makes sure GeolocationPermissions is fully robust to calls being made before the message handler is initialized

Bug: 2315829
Change-Id: I6c0d1adf7049c5c89228e43e34934702664c8691
e4b2d4dc7db426052d1dfebc40f6b64a001b6d73 19-Feb-2010 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Adds synchronization around message handler in GeolocationPermissions and WebStorage

The message handler is instantiated on the WebCore thread and its presence is
checked on the browser thread. This requires synchronization.

Change-Id: I4b71c7a2470b60fa273dc2bcb46f645ed135ee11
57534f1b9f52cea094e8197d1ca40f0d2f68cc66 19-Nov-2009 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Improves documentation for GeolocationPermissions class.

Also sets an explicit type for GeolocationPermissions.getOrigins.

This is a partial fix for bug http://b/issue?id=2271636

Change-Id: Ife478917a979b68e242c467798358a018455957f
0691ad50ca6b7a2968a0b95e1e9bb7228dd47d65 22-Oct-2009 Grace Kloba <klobag@google.com> Remove "@hide pending API council" in webkit to expose
the apis to SDK.

Remove @hide in GeolocationPermissions and WebStorage
to expose them to the SDK users.

Remove @hide for freeMemory() in WebView.

Remove @hide comment in CallbackProxy and
GoogleLocationSettingManager as they are not public class.
2e4dbe70e7c0fe003dab0837fd1dba2703bdd6e2 30-Sep-2009 Mike LeBeau <mlebeau@android.com> Unhide APIs for enabling geolocation in web views. I've confirmed
with Grace that these are okay to unhide.
6c24b4d10223cb522e6bdbf0e334f61e672f4366 22-Sep-2009 Nicolas Roard <nicolas@android.com> Reimplement the settings to use async callbacks
d875ce6dac3c2e9a671c121c80b40d2536cbb2af 24-Aug-2009 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Sets or clears Geolocation permissions for Google origins when the 'Location & privacy - Share with Google' sysetm setting is changed.

This fixes bug http://b/issue?id=1933893
4faee09c422a70439129e9fb40dd82f03d42c98d 28-Jul-2009 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Adds the Java side of the system to show the Geolocation permissions prompt.
0ac031b3d29c6de90895c875991585812dc7388f 28-Jul-2009 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Adds the Java GeolocationPermissions class.

This is used by the Browser 'Website Settings' menu to get information about Geolocation permissions.