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4c8093afe3da4f6d3b9a43510d0b6601aeadb582 11-Mar-2015 Selim Gurun <sgurun@google.com> Implement PostMessage API for Webview

Bug: 10237116

This CL implements the postmessage API for webview. It provides
a way for java applications to post messages to JS frames and
establish message channels, and then do full-duplex communication
after that.

Change-Id: Idbc2918552a4c9fd28ae1ddf19bd360e71f8a4a2
93cbe27804f72f6b17bdcb9526f57109c3e5f94d 03-Mar-2015 Ed Heyl <edheyl@google.com> Fix build: Revert "Add potential future APIs for postmessage"

This reverts commit 37bd8907cb94be69c9bd4c308e49c38524e87269.
37bd8907cb94be69c9bd4c308e49c38524e87269 02-Mar-2015 Selim Gurun <sgurun@android.com> Add potential future APIs for postmessage

Bug: 10237116

The APIs are hidden while work is ongoing.

Change-Id: I3e2f06d6e41af276171b127f06bdd74924c2e74c