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H A DUsbInterface.java50 int Class, int subClass, int protocol) {
54 mClass = Class;
167 int Class = in.readInt();
171 UsbInterface intf = new UsbInterface(id, alternateSetting, name, Class, subClass, protocol);
49 UsbInterface(int id, int alternateSetting, String name, int Class, int subClass, int protocol) argument
H A DUsbDevice.java65 int Class, int subClass, int protocol,
70 mClass = Class;
64 UsbDevice(String name, int vendorId, int productId, int Class, int subClass, int protocol, String manufacturerName, String productName, String version, String serialNumber) argument
H A DUsbHostManager.java120 // Audio Class Codes:
186 int Class, int subClass, int protocol) {
193 mNewInterface = new UsbInterface(id, altSetting, name, Class, subClass, protocol);
185 addUsbInterface(int id, String name, int altSetting, int Class, int subClass, int protocol) argument
H A DAST.cpp780 Class::Class() function in class:Class
788 Class::~Class()
793 Class::GatherTypes(set<Type*>* types) const
814 Class::Write(FILE* to)
824 if (this->what == Class::CLASS) {
844 if (this->what == Class::CLASS) {
908 Class* c = this->classes[i];
H A DAST.h335 struct Class : public ClassElement struct in inherits:ClassElement
350 Class();
351 virtual ~Class();
363 vector<Class*> classes;
H A Dapilint.py117 class Class(): class in inherits:
191 clazz = Class(pkg, line, raw, blame)
282 warn(clazz, None, "S1", "Class names with acronyms should be Mtp not MTP")
284 error(clazz, None, "S1", "Class must start with uppercase char")
309 warn(clazz, None, "L1", "Class should be named FooCallback")
1045 error(prev_clazz, None, None, "Class removed or incompatible change")
H A Dslang_rs_export_type.cpp907 ExportClass Class,
910 mClass(Class),
906 RSExportType(RSContext *Context, ExportClass Class, const llvm::StringRef &Name) argument
H A Dslang_rs_export_type.h193 ExportClass Class,
306 ExportClass Class,
310 : RSExportType(Context, Class, Name),
304 RSExportPrimitiveType(RSContext *Context, ExportClass Class, const llvm::StringRef &Name, DataType DT, bool Normalized) argument

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